The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 15.2

The small bat flapped its wings and flew over again when he saw Xu Qiu’s attempt.

“Everyone has worked hard. Go back to your seat,” Xu Qiu said with a gesture.

Everyone is so capable as a cub. As the only adult in the kindergarten, she can’t do nothing.

Xu Qiu took out her tiny hoe, raised it to one of the opponent’s corners, and turned it over hard, causing the opponent to fall to the other side. It was that kind of dull boom again.

Xu Qiu made a heavy noise when she heard the other’s head knock on the ground.

Her own head was not hurt, but listening to this sound, she felt her head faintly hurt. Fortunately, the cubs are usually very obedient. If it shifts to her, she will certainly get a concussion.

Fortunately, she is not the unfortunate one!

Xu Qiu gestured to two people who were lying on the ground.

“Everyone had just noticed it. I couldn’t move such a large object right now, but with the help of tools, I could accomplish what I couldn’t before. This is known as the leverage concept.”

“But we don’t need any tools to make these two people stand over,” the little fox with more strength questioned.

“That’s right.” 

The cubs invisibly despised Xu Qiu’s strength.

Xu Qiu is the weakest person in this kindergarten.

“I know you’re excellent, but with the right tools, you can accomplish even more.”

Xu Qiu took the opportunity to teach the cubs: “Archimedes once said that by giving him a lever, he can move the whole Blue Star.”

“Who is Archimedes?” 

“I’m not sure.”

The cubs were muttering, chirping, and making a racket.

Xu Qiu cleared her throat: “Okay, it’s nine o’clock in the morning, and it’s time for class. 

The students take their places in the classroom.”

The cubs huddled together, and everyone wanted to sit in the middle.

Xu Qiu went down from the podium and took out a sticky note from her pocket.

There are ten tables, each with five columns and two rows.

Xu Qiu numbered the cubs from one to ten and put their names on the table one by one.

She used a paintbrush to outline the cubs’ marks besides the name.

The cat’s paw prints, the mermaid’s tail prints, the Zhu Niang’s clamshell, a small spider, and two small bats.

They can find their position even if they don’t know their name by looking at the pattern.

Xu Qiu remained still in front of the table and chairs when she arrived at Qing Sha’s position, then put her arm in the centre of the table and said, “Go down.”

The little green snake was hesitant at first, but after a brief confrontation with Xu Qiu, he let go of his tail and slumped onto the table.

Xu Qiu stood on the podium once more and knocked on the podium with a paintbrush as a pointer.

“Please keep your voices down and take your seats.”

The cubs flew around this time and easily discovered their table.

The tables are all customised in the same way, regardless of size and height.

“Childcare worker, I want to report!”

The slightly piercing voice drew Xu Qiu’s attention right away.

Xu Qiu turned to face the source of the noise, and a bird with two claws clutched the chair’s edge hard.

Although Yuan Jiu frequently leapt out and confronted her, it was his aggressive eagerness that let Xu Qiu blend in with the cubs more quickly and effectively.

There were students in her class who were worse than this when she was younger.

Xu Qiu still has a favourable impression of Yuan Jiu. “Yuan Jiu, what do you want to report?” She inquired softly.

Yuan Jiu confidently straightened his short neck and stated, “Mu Zhi and Qing Sha are two people I’d like to report. They both refuse to take a seat in the seats.”

Xu Qiu’s expression couldn’t help but become more subtle.

She looked at Qing Sha, who was in position No. 7, and Mu Zhi, who was in position No. 6. The position of No. 6 is just behind the little fox, Lily.

Lily is the largest of the several cubs, roughly the size of a six to seven-year-old human.

The uniform chair built by the kindergarten is just right for her.

The metal seats have three rails with a huge gap between them, and the back is hollow. The small fox sat in the chair, tucking her big fluffy tail into the chair back’s middle gap. 

Like a fluttering flame, the bright crimson tail was still dangling there.

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