The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 15.3

Muzhi weaved a web between the chair and the table behind her, and a small fluffy spider with a fist squatted on it. Mu Zhi’s wide eyes welled up with tears when she heard she had been reported.

She whispered in a low voice: “The fox is blocking it. I can’t see it.” 

When there is a gap, she weaves a net, which is Mu Zhi’s instinctive action, but she really can’t see it.

Otherwise, the table drawers and the bottom parts of the chairs are suitable places to weave nets since the environment is darker and more humid, which is more in line with her weaving preferences.

She chose the top with better light just to see the childcare worker.

Hearing Muzhi’s voice, she cried a little. Lily couldn’t help but say, “But I grew up this way, you can’t blame me.”

They’re both females. If Mu Zhi weeps, Lily will cry as well.

As for Qing Sha, although the little green snake can straighten up, his body length is limited.

If he leans his tail against the middle of the chair and wants to see Xu Qiu is saying clearly from his perspective, he must stretch his entire body straight, exposing only a small portion of his head on the table’s edge.

That image is not only reminiscent of a hibernating stupid snake, but it also requires a great deal of strength.

“You think everyone is like you, a dumb bird, who can transform yourself into a stiff huge iron tuft,” Qing Sha spit out his tongue, aimed towards Yuan Jiu, and straight sand attack apeared.

He’s a mollusc, so it’d be good if he could just sit at the table and listen to the lesson.

Almost being sprayed by the sand, Yuan Jiu immediately fluttered his wings, and his feathers shot past like a dart, aiming directly at Qing Sha’s tail.

Qing Sha is not easy to provoke. These feathers flying over like steel are all being accurately turned by the sand pillars he spits out.

When the feathers went close to Bai Sa, his tail flicked, and the feathers that were close to him flew out and implanted themselves straight into the classroom wall.

After a while, the classroom walls were covered in feather decorations.

The ground was covered with sand that seemed to be dripping like water. Xu Qiu had spent a lot of energy previously, and the once clean classroom environment had become filthy once more.

Several people quarrelled, more cubs joined the fight, and a few cubs started crying.

Zhu Niang, who was previously more melancholic and sensitive, cried as she held the sand, her eyes changing from cloudy to overcast, then from overcast to light rain, and finally to heavy rain in some spots appeared.

The classroom, which had finally quieted down, became noisy once more.

“Shut up!”

After enduring for 5 minutes, Xu Qiu banged the table: “Make trouble! Don’t move anymore, quiet down!”

Normally, no one pays attention to what the childcare worker has to say, at least until Xu Qiu arrives.

Xu Qiu’s voice seemed to have a special effect on them. The rowdy cubs, who appeared to be forced down by an unseen giant hand, all shut their mouths and sat in their own spots.

Xu Qiu walked down from the podium and turned around the tables and chairs in the classroom.

She couldn’t see everything even though she stood in front of the podium. Xu Qiu could observe more details after coming down.

Winged cubs like two little bats and Yuan Jiu, used their paws to grab onto the narrow edge of the chair, exposing their small heads.

Hua Lan wrapped himself around the chair’s back like a stick of wood.

The two aquatic cubs felt very uncomfortable.

Because the fishtail is slippery, the mermaid wraps her arms around the chair and holds it to keep herself from falling. And Zhu Niang curled up with a very disturbed expression.

Zhu Niang raised his white and tender arm as Xu Qiu approached him.

“What’s the matter?”

“I’m feeling uncomfortable and want to go back to the clamshell.”

This is indeed a big problem.

A classroom is a place to teach the cubs, but these tables and chairs will make most of the cubs feel uncomfortable.

Xu Qiu intended to teach them knowledge, morals, safety education, alliance laws, and certain survival techniques, but she didn’t want to make the cubs wronged.

She took a step back from the podium and said, “I’ve accepted everyone’s opinion. The first lesson of the day is a handicraft lesson.”

The cubs’ tables and chairs must be remodeled before the commendation ceremony.

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