The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 16.1

Donald opened his eyes in a barren star desert.

The golden sand in the sky caught his eye, and the dust storm blew in with such force that it seemed to engulf the sky and cover the sun. Donald’s survival instinct caused him to turn around and flee.

The more he ran, though, the greater the strain on his body. A large number of vampire bats arrived out of nowhere, fluttering their wings and opening a bloody mouth full of sharp fangs at him during this dilemma.

“Go away, go away!”

Donald swung his arms frantically to scare the bats away, but his arms were as heavy as lead. Then he was bitten to death.


This time, Donald actually opened his eyes. It turned out that the heinous scenes from earlier were merely a dream. However, when the poor young man awoke, he discovered that his current state was not much better.

His first thought as he opened his eyes he would see his comrade, Jasper. The blond man was encased in golden yellow sand, and his entire body was a massive sand sculpture.

His arms and thighs were immobile. As soon as he lowered his head, he saw the sand buried in the area beneath his chin.

Donald’s yelling drew the attention of others in the room, and he met the cubs’ (beasts’) gazes. His chilly sweat continued to trickle down his brow. He really wanted to flee, but he was immobilised by sand and vines and couldn’t move.

He was standing among a large gathering of monsters when he saw the small girl he had thought was harmless. Donald used to think of Xu Qiu’s frail arms and legs as a sign of weakness, but now he sees her as a terrifying devil.

If it weren’t for this devil, how could she still live well after releasing these beasts in prison?

The broken classrooms haven’t been used in a long time. Last time, there was nothing wrong with the cubs being together “obediently,” because they were trapped in the cell.

The smell of food floated in the air with the breeze. Sweet milk, floral-scented small desserts.

Xu Qiu went to great lengths to bake rose cakes for the cubs on the first day of school.

One piece per person is a small serving size.

The clear flour traded from the system storage is used in the pastry, and the effect is crystal clear. The bright red rose petals are inlaid on the crystal cake’s first layer, making it look like a work of beauty.

A cub, like a little fox, with its mouth open, whipped up and ate the whole piece.

Yuan Jiu and Mu Zhi, who have smaller mouths, will eat in small bites.

They chew the food and glare at the invaders with victory and provocation in their eyes while eating.

These cubs would probably jump up while eating if Xu Qiu wasn’t observing.

Each cub’s appetite and preferences are different. There are many staple items to choose from, besides milk and little snacks.

After completing the follow-up tasks, the system awards several by-products. Besides eggs, there are also some chickens and piglets.

Chickens and piglets can’t be eaten right now, so they have to be left on the ranch to mature, but this kind of prize is really wonderful.

Xu Qiu used a kitchen knife to cut the meat into small pieces, mixed it with rice that had been soaked for several hours, boiled for a long time, and made a bucket of thick and tasty vegetable and lean meat porridge. This is the cub’s meal for today.

Each cub has different preferences, but her energy is currently limited, and it is unrealistic to cook seven or eight kinds of food at once.

Starting today, Xu Qiu intends to have the cubs take turns eating their preferred foods, and after she has figured out what they like, she will modify the meals for each of them.

The sky outside the glass was still bright when he stepped off the spacecraft, but it was now dark.

This means he’s been unconscious for at least seven or eight hours.

Donald’s stomach grumbled uncontrollably. He gulped his saliva hard, and his eyes glistened with need.

A cub left its position and held food for him.

Only a small bit of the original pastry remained after his meticulous pecking.

With a mischievous tone, this gorgeous parrot carried the cake in his wings, seducing the hungry traveler in front of him.

“Do you want to eat?”

Donald’s calves trembled when he saw the other’s face. Fortunately, his calves were buried in the sand, and no one noticed how convinced he was.

Eating is a natural human behaviour. When Donald looked at the food, his eyes became a little green, and he unconsciously looked at the wonderful pastry.

It‘s better to be a satiated ghost than a starved ghost, anyway. Donald nodded without embarrassment as he considered this.

“I want to eat it.”

“If you want to eat it, I won’t give it to you,” the latter declared triumphantly after taking a mouthful and swallowing the pastry.

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