The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 2.1

The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 2.1

There were far too many things to do on the throne’s first day. Jing Yuan goes about it numbly, but Jiang Shining’s figure is in his mind. He recalls her smile, warmth, and hugs. She was his mother, a ray of light in Jing Yuan’s dark childhood. When everyone shunned him, she was the only one who gave him a reason to live.

Jiang Shining did not even have a single day off. She had already donned the Empress Dowager’s fancy dress, but she died on this day. Jing Yuan hated himself when he thought of this.

He despised his father, Hao Li, but he despised himself even more — if he had known that he would let his mother take her own life, he should have rebelled directly, rather than listening to her words and choosing to obey and stay put.

No, this man is not worthy of being called his father at all; he has not treated Jiang Shining well in her life, but he is dying to drag her to bury with him; Hao Li truly despises her ah.

Outsiders are aware of Jiang Shining’s beauty and her hidden, noble, and proud aura, which caused the late emperor to fall in love with her and enjoy that favour for several years until she became involved with the emperor’s most disliked young son. The mother, and son, and all the favors, ended abruptly.

They all knew she was beautiful, kind, far away from the harem strife, and had harmed no one. She would rather end her relationship with the emperor in exchange for an adopted imperial son. Everyone in the palace seems to be talking about her, but the only one who understands her is Jing Yuan.

Jiang Shining would rather the emperor ignore her because she begged for the opportunity to raise Jing Yuan. She was only ever truly in love with her two sons. Everything that followed was for them to live.

Jiang Shining, Jing Yuan realized, disliked being dominated. She was extremely intelligent and even taught Jing Yuan literary and martial arts skills, but this seemed to contradict her status as a concubine. Even though she is gifted and intelligent, it is a sin for a concubine to be too smart and noble.

So she hid it all beneath her calm and thin exterior, not drawing attention to herself, not showing her face, simply being a concubine. She has never hurt anyone, but if someone comes to the door, Jiang Shining means she will be direct and bold. Jing Yuan has learned a lot about problem-solving techniques from her.

Jing Yuan knew well that his Mother Consort’s feelings toward the late Emperor were not those of a hidden noble character, but rather of avoidance, if not dislike. She never loved this man who had trapped Mother Consort, her entire life; she and the other women were not the same, and she despised the emperor’s love.

However, the emperor is like a cheap bone; the more you can’t get, the more you want to remember.

The late emperor only saw through Jiang Shining in his old age, when he was gravely ill, and realized she had never loved him. He had a hatred for Jiang Shining because of love, even though he did not win her heart while he was alive, and so when he died, he had to bind her tightly to him.

She and Jing Yuan are both proud people, but because she is a woman in this dynasty, she has no choice.

Jing Yuan is aware of her noble character and does not wish to compete with other concubines to be a good pet under imperial power, and is unwilling to tear each other apart for a bone in a man’s hands.

So Jing Yuan fought hard all the way. He wanted the throne; he wanted the world, but he wanted to dedicate that position above all people, even above the emperor, to her, so she wouldn’t have to grovel to anyone.

Unfortunately, Jiang Shining was unable to break free from the bonds of fate.

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