The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 16.2

No matter how stupid Donald was, he would know that he was being teased by the cub in front of him.

His cheeks flushed red, and he was nearly choked in one breath.

Hold back, hold back. The guy in front of him is a fool.

Although they have similar appearances, every creature in this kindergarten is extremely dangerous.

Donald was rescued from his perilous situation by a very clear and lovely voice.

“Yuan Jiu, return to your previous position.”

The cub that had taunted the man narrowed his mouth and obediently returned to his seat.

A soft cloth bag was piled on the original chair, which was filled with soft wool, and some dried leaves of grass and branches. Now Yuan Jiu likes his new chair very much.

With the cloth quilt high, Yuan Jiu squatted in a comfortable position in the middle, his head just exposed to the horizontal surface of the table, and he could see the contents on the big blackboard.

After Xu Qiu and the cubs’ hard work, each cub’s seat is drastically different from when it first arrived.

Zhu Niang’s chair was made into the shape of a clamshell, the mermaid chair was hollowed out, and a large washbasin filled with water was cushioned under it.

Hua Lan‘s chair is painted with green leaves and flowers to resemble a wooden pile he enjoys.

The little bats’ tables and chairs have changed little, the seats appear to be in a dark cave at first glance.

The lights in the classroom have also moved. Little bats who don’t like light stay in this position with much worse light than other cubs.

“OK, everyone put the bowls away and hand it over to Zhu Niang to be responsible,” Xu Qiu said as she stood on the podium. She lightly taps the podium with her pointer.

Dishes and chopsticks must be placed in the sink and cleaned in a uniform manner.

Because she couldn’t work in the kindergarten alone, Xu Qiu chose Zhu Niang as the life committee, in charge of the dishes and subsequent food distribution to the cubs.

When the labour becomes more difficult and time-consuming, Xu Qiu will enlist the help of more cubs.

Yuan Jiu, who enjoys talking the most, is currently the monitor of the kindergarten’s tiny class, where he is mostly responsible for organising activities and screaming for everyone to stand.

That’s correct, although some of these cubs are rather old. They were all the kindergarten’s first students and had never had a formal education. Xu Qiu still put the students into small classes.

They can be promoted to the middle class after a year.

She would have been teaching them how to graduate smoothly if she had still been here at the time.

When the light reached Xu Qiu’s face, she appeared softer and more beautiful than she had been throughout the day.

The cubs remodelled their tables and chairs in the morning crafts lesson under the guidance of Xu Qiu.

Lunchtime had come, and Xu Qiu had granted the cubs a two-hour rest.

The cubs were quite pleased with the new chair (little nest) that they had renovated. Compared with the larger dormitory, almost all the cubs’ chairs were not comfortable enough like last time.

Xu Qiu conducted a class meeting for the new semester in the afternoon and appointed class leaders.

Each of the ten cubs is a class leader.

You Yu, who is good at music, is a literature and art committee, and Hua Lan, the oldest, is a representative of multi-disciplinary courses. He is responsible for receiving and sending homework for all subjects. He has many vines, and it is very convenient to take textbooks and homework.

Bai Sa is a member of the disciplinary committee and has a pretty high force value.

After all, he is the most majestic among the cubs, and he can keep people under control.

The two Ding Ding and Dong Dong brothers are representatives of the energy department. Because they are light sensitive, they took on turning on and off the lights. The two small bats can also assist if there is a gas leak.

Mu Zhi is the labour committee, which was in charge of cleaning, sanitation, and the safekeeping of the classroom’s valuable cleaning instruments. Xu Qiu entrusted her with this task hoping Mu Zhi could control her behaviour of making the nets everywhere.

Mu Zhi’s spider silk is also poisoned, and it didn’t matter if she was trapped in that small square before. I t won’t do any good if she accidentally wounds other cubs after he emerges.

Except on the first day when she cried nonstop, Lily, the energetic young fox, is a member of the sports committee.

Literature and language class, math class, art class, music class, physical education class, and labour class are all in Xu Qiu’s schedule.

The basics of literature, language, and mathematics are taught, and the course information is retrieved straight from the star network.

Something of common sense, Xu Qiu made up herself.

For the more profound ones, Xu Qiu learns it by herself, and when she is almost done, she will teach these cubs again.

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