The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 16.3

Physical education is important… The cubs’ abilities differ, and there is no universal standard. Xu Qiu plans to take notes from her elementary school teacher and teach her students how to play group games.

The labour class is more complicated. It can be seen by today’s activities such as rebuilding one’s own chair, cleaning the classroom, learning to cook, and so on…

Xu Qiu didn’t do anything about it and planned to make adjustments as needed.

In addition, Xu Qiu also set a unified name for her by the cubs.

It is definitely not acceptable to call Xu Qiuqiu as before, and it is not appropriate to simply call the teacher.

She is, a literature and language teacher, as well as a math, physics, and physical education instructor… It will be tough to divide the title if there are other teachers in the kindergarten.

She eventually landed on two simple and domineering words: The principal.

“Good evening, classmates.”

“Stand up!”

Yuan Jiu screamed at the top of his lungs.

The cubs’ voices were either low or sharp, or hoarse, or clear at the same time: “Good evening, principal.”

“Please have a seat.”

The cubs sank their bums into the plush cushions right away.

Xu Qiu created this with needles and threads.

Xu Qiu shifted her gaze to the chalkboard and scribbled three words: Ceremonies of Commendation. As a person who teaches the cubs, Xu Qiu feels that she needs to have a good time concept in order to teach a group of punctual people, rather than procrastinating.

There is no chalk in the school. She still uses a paintbrush. The sand spit out by the green snake and You Yu rain combine into quicksand with a certain viscosity.

The school is devoid of chalk. She still paints with a brush. The sand spewed forth by the green snake and the rain from You Yu combine to form a viscous quicksand.

Lily’s flame has scorched the blackboard, allowing the sand to adhere to it and not come off easily.

She can write on the blackboard with a brush dipped in quicksand and softly scrape the sand off with the blackboard eraser made of Yuan Jiu’s feathers.

Under the chalkboard, a ten-centimeter sand trough is installed. The sand is collected in a sand trough and can be used as needed. It is not only practical, but it also saves energy and is environmentally friendly.

Unlike when Xu Qiu was a child, the teacher lectured on stage, inevitably eating a pile of chalk dust.

The cubs built everything in the classroom.

Xu Qiu couldn’t guarantee that every cub would be obedient, but she could ensure that they would value the items in the classroom.

“I’m overjoyed. I met with you in the classroom for the first time today and took part in the first labour class with everyone. The classroom can become what it is now, and it is inextricably linked to each student’s efforts.”

Xu Qiu examined the small green snake: “First and foremost, I want to congratulate classmate Qing Sha. Qing Sha valiantly ran out to save me from the crisis while I was in danger. Without him, I’m not sure I’d be able to stay here tonight.”

[Even without him, I wouldn’t allow anything to injure you,] the system replied unconvincingly.

“Actually, I’m not that great.”

The compliments made the little green snake blush, so he shook the tip of his tail. The little green snake was embarrassed and transformed into a small red snake.

“Of course, without the help of other cubs, this fight would not be over so quickly.”

Thanks to a systematic translation, Donald can naturally grasp every word Xu Qiu says.

He wanted to roll his eyes. Where was the fighting? It was clear that the two of them had been intimidated and battered, resulting in a unilateral humiliation.

“I also want to commend Zhu Niang; cleaning the dishes is a simple task, but with Zhu Niang’s help, I could clean everyone’s dishes swiftly and thoroughly.”

Zhu Niang’s face was slender, and his fair skin blushed fast.

“Of course, if there is no help from classmate Lily, everyone can’t use the tableware. Let us applaud to Lily.”

The cubs’ bowls and chopsticks are all freshly made, and the materials are the discarded robots piled up in the backyard.

Xu Qiu chose some metal plates she hadn’t used before melting and reshaping them with Lily’s flame.

Lily used these metals to burn the plate and the utensils.

During this ceremony, Xu Qiu praised each of the cubs.

She offered the cubs a gift at the same time she gave them verbal praise. She used the cubs’ two-hour rest period to sew little bags the size of a palm.

Every cub was overjoyed when the commendation ceremony ended.

The cubs returned to their dormitories to recuperate under the supervision of the disciplinary committee.

The two little bats checked the kindergarten’s various energy switches, and Xu Qiu dragged the chair over to the two woken sand sculptures.

After sending away the happy cubs, she finally made time to deal with these two troubles: “Let’s talk about it. Why are you in this kindergarten?”

The author has something to say: Open the novel and spread flowers

This is a cute novel about healing, really not a scary one.

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