The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 2.3

A door slowly opened in a room drifting in the void of the universe some time later, outside of time.

A short-haired woman emerged from the shadows, wearing combat pants and short sleeves and a gun butt tied around her waist. Her body was bandaged in several places, she was covered in mud, and her delicate cheeks were dusty, but the bright light from those black eyes above her tall nose couldn’t be stopped.

She was carrying a modified rifle/gun and appeared sharp and dangerous. “Congratulations, Jiang Shining, Host number 154800. In five books, you have successfully completed the mission.”

A robot approached her and began flipping through the records.

“I’m checking the relevant records right now.”

Name: [Jiang Shining.]

Your quick transmigration matching identity: [Supporting Villain’s Mother.]

Basic mission: [Survive the first three years.]

Formal task: [Raising the children of the original cannon fodder/villain/evil characters and instilling in them the correct worldview appropriate to their world.]

The following are the passing requirements:

[1. To reasonably defeat the protagonist in accordance with the rules of his world.

2. To leave the original world at the specified time.

3. After the host leaves the book, the heir left behind can still replace the protagonist and bring a better future to his world.

4. The host needs to gain the respect of the heir.]

Option for extra points: [After the host detaches from the original world, if she is still memorialised by the heir every ten/twenty/thirty years, extra points will be awarded based on the time period.]

The robot couldn’t help but look up at her as he scanned the dense record.

“Not only have you overshot the mark, but…” the robot crossed his hand, “You have dumped your original lover five times in five worlds.”

“They’re all scumbags.” Jiang Shining stated without surprise. 

“You have personally defeated the protagonist in three of the five worlds, and you have even unified the world in the Doomsday Book.” The robot’s voice was a little stuttering.

“Simple operation.” Jiang Shining continued to carry the gun while not raising her eyelids.

“But, but normally, you, the host according to questline, should let your own heir defeat the protagonist ……”

Jiang Shining eventually lifted her head.

   At this moment, she didn’t need to disguise herself as the ‘gentle and pure’ Consort, much less the ‘obsequious’ original wife of the head of a large family during the Republican War. She was a woman who had just survived the apocalyptic environment, exuding a cold, free yet dangerous aura.

“Did I violate the rules?” She stated this unconcernedly.

The robot had no doubt that if it said yes, Jiang Shining would shoot it with the gun she was carrying on her shoulder.

“No, it does not.”

“Then transport me to the next world.” Jiang Shining stated this. But the robot remained motionless, and she furrowed her brows. “What’s wrong?”

“Have you not responded yet?” The robot said, “Dear Host number 154800, you have successfully completed the task of five lifetimes. You can be released from the system.”

The author has something to say: The female lead in the eyes of the emperor must have a filter plus 2333 1

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