The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 17.1

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 17.1

The question of Xu Qiu was not answered immediately.

When Jasper regained consciousness, he gave Donald a venomous look, as if he was grumbling about his softness.

Jasper would have gone back a long time ago if he hadn’t been so feminine. How could he have ended up in such a filthy situation?

For a moment, Donald was taken aback before looking at Jasper with a puzzled expression.

Even if he is not merciful, Jasper can’t handle Xu Qiu.

Jasper had previously fallen too quickly, and he did not know who had been the sufferer.

If he discovered that the kindergarten’s dangerous elements had run out, he’d bet that this horrible fellow, Jasper, had raced quicker than anybody else.

There were only three people in the classroom, and Xu Qiu wasn’t blind, so she could see the two people’s brows perfectly.

Regardless of age or how well two people get along, the older blond man always takes the initiative and knows more.

“I think you misinterpreted something,” she said, coughing slightly.

This time, the system used the classroom’s broadcasting equipment to provide Xu Qiu with simultaneous interpretation.

Jasper was taken aback when she heard the familiar Federal language.

To show that she was not clueless, Xu Qiu echoed the “whispering” the two people said when they entered the kindergarten.

Jasper was a little creeped off by her smile, which was extremely sweet yet bizarre.

After all, they were still talking about how to do something with her before. How could she smile so warmly at them if she knew?

Is it because they’ve been stuck in these peculiar sands for a long time and she wants to murder them now?

“What on earth do you want to do?” Jasper had realised that he had entirely lost his ability to move, and that all of his body parts below his neck were imprisoned in a bizarre kind of quicksand, as if they were trapped in a swamp.

She removed all of his weapons and communication devices.

Xu Qiu locked all the dangerous weapons and kept them in her small room, which the cubs could not enter.

She packed the box, secured it with a system-generated tiny lock, and slipped it beneath the bed.

The outsiders’ communication equipment was all swallowed into her stomach by her system 008.

These things that represent this era’s civilization and technology can all be converted into usable energy for 008.

Only one illustrated book can be lit by things of the same type.

Jasper has a strong body and muscles, yet he is a waste of being slaughtered.

“My stomach is quite hungry. I want to eat,” the man said as his eyes rolled.

After all, he’s a slick middle-aged man who’s far more crafty than the young Donald, and he’s always hungry.

He had previously underestimated the opponent to the point where he had fallen into the hands of this helpless little child.

But, if given a chance, he will undoubtedly come back against the odds.

There are some anaesthetic injections hidden on the inside of his wrist. This time, he will definitely not be affected by anyone.

However, what he didn’t expect was that Donald would take his guard down before Xu Qiu spoke.

We were supposed to be collecting the bones of the childcare worker when we arrived, but you were still alive. We just want to put you in those dangerous places where the cubs are… and wait for you to die so we can grab your bones.

Anyway, they’ve already started, and if there’s any misunderstanding, both sides should be treated as fools.

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