The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 3.1

Every step of those five lives was filled with difficulties, ups and downs.

Jiang Shining was stunned for tens of seconds before realising what the robot had said. She couldn’t believe it, but those worlds and the many hardships and dangers she once thought she couldn’t survive had just passed through to the end without her knowing it.

She was used to running around in different worlds just to stay alive, planning her future and the future of her children’s lives. Even though she knew they were all characters in the book, she felt that, as a mother, she and her child were connected, and they did not differ from actual children to her, born with genuine feelings…… However, it is surprising that it is about to come to an end. She was engrossed in a trance.

“Do you mean I can return to the original world?” Slowly, Jiang Shining said.

“You have died in the world in which you were born, and there is no way for you to return.” According to the robot, “But you can travel to other ordinary worlds that are identical to the ones you were in before. And-“

Jiang Shining’s eyes were drawn to a holographic screen as the robot’s mechanical joints moved.

 “Respectfully, the 154800 transmigrator…… No, Ms. Jiang Shining.” It said, “These are the points you have accumulated from your five life missions. You can exchange them for whatever you want in the points mall.”

Jiang Shining noticed that her point balance in the lower right corner had reached a frighteningly high level.

 “Why do I have so many points? Is the situation the same for other transmigrators?” Jiang Shining’s brow furrowed.

“You are one of the best transmigrators.” The robot sighed silkily. “As you are aware, these many worlds result from highly civilised humans with dimensions greater than ours. They casually write an article or a book in their worlds, unaware that the articles they either seriously conceive or scribble and vent about will eventually turn into real worlds in another dimension that will continue to develop with their settings.”

Because many high-dimensional human settings are too scribbled, or simply to vent emotions, many of these worlds continue to develop in their author’s settings, but will eventually lead to their demise and collapse.

Although highly civilised authors write without intent, the world they create is alive and well. Many authors do not think clearly and distort the nature of the supporting characters in order to support the protagonist, and when they are finished, the plot in the other world becomes darker and darker due to the imbalanced setting.

That’s why there are book-wearing systems and transmigrating people whose job it is to turn those unbalanced worlds around from their roots, breaking the original setting’s plot and re-establishing the world of the book.

According to the different transmigrator characters, each person wears a different role in the book. The role assigned to Jiang Shining is the supporting mother. Perhaps other transmigrators will become villains, passerby, or cats and dogs. The main character basically cannot be attached, because the main character carries the most ink and experience of highly civilised authors, so they can only start from the supporting characters, then gradually change “When given a score, each world is around the full mark, so there are also rewards that would have belonged to you in these points,” the robot explained.

Jiang Shining looked at the holographic panel after she realised where her points came from, only to discover that it had everything, from personal appearance fine-tuning to hobbies, talents, temperament, and weird stuff like metaphysical ‘good guy cards’ and ‘favourite cards,’ to material possessions, houses, and everything else.

She saw having 10,000 fans, men’s edge, passerby, and other options and crossed right over. She’s been in more worlds and knows that overly unbalanced perfection is itself a loophole.

The robot cocked its head as it passed Jiang Shining’s personal appearance. “You don’t want to decide on your appearance? These fundamental issues can only be decided once, ah.”

“There’s no need.”

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