The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 17.2

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 17.2

He was stating the truth, and Jasper had previously informed him of this.

But, because Donald wasn’t a fool, he kept some information hidden.

If Xu Qiu refuses to comply, they will take action on their own.

Donald was spanked hard by his friend as soon as his voice fell silent.

Donald knew that in the opponent’s heart, perhaps he was already a betrayer.

Jasper had been in a coma before, so he did not know that the person in front of him was not who they believed she was.

She said nothing about releasing all the cubs, and she handled them well.

No matter what means she used, if those people behind her knew about this situation, they would definitely not take Xu Qiu away right away.

Donald, despite his youth, had a clearer sense of reality than Jasper, who was unaware of the situation.

They are just two ordinary individuals, just like the small childcare worker who was never taken seriously before, and their lives are nothing more than ants in the eyes of those powerful people.

You can ask anything you want, as long as I know I will tell you.

Donald said pitifully, “The meat on my body is not delicious.”

He did not know what species the small girl in front of him belonged to. Where did she get the food?

Previously, he had simply brought compacted biscuits and nutrients over. The nutrient was broken as well, and they were all wasted on the ground.

The pastry seems to be made of plants, and the shredded meat is mixed into the porridge.

Despite their humanoid appearances, the tiny girl in front of him is unmistakably an intelligent being from another world.

With the same human form, humans will send the robots they have made to destruction without hesitation.

Donald isn’t very adept at predicting the most ruthless enemy in front of him.

What if he was turned into food by the other party? Even if he died, Donald wanted a slightly decent death that was not so painful.

“That’s true. He looks thin, and doesn’t taste as good as the fat man next to him.

However, he appears to be younger, and the meat should be tender.

After a day of chickens flying and dogs jumping and soldiers mutiny and troops rebel, the cubs are still in high spirits. 1 Soldiers mutiny and troops rebel (idiom); turmoil and chaos of war.

Chickens flying and dogs jumping (idiom) / fig. In chaos / in disarray


A few cubs crouched outside the classroom and surreptitiously listened to the talk between Xu Qiu and the two foreign invaders only after they noticed the lights in the classroom had not been turned off.

At first, there were only one or two that ran out, and then there were more cubs outside, one after the other, forming a long line.

They want to listen! They must determine whether Xu Qiu is a traitor!

Don’t look at their attitude towards Xu Qiu right now; it is exclusively to Xu Qiu; the other guys that come to this kindergarten are all damned!

If Xu Qiu betrayed everyone, she would be imprisoned and forced to work hard until she performed well throughout this time!

For example, combing the fluffy hair, and making more delicious food, instead of being like today, each cub has only a small piece!

She must know that larger cubs are not enough to eat.

As punishment, they must squeeze Xu Qiu’s labour force.

These cubs believed they were hidden, yet their murmuring noises were sent to Xu Qiu’s eyes via the system.

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