The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 3.2

The two ancient characters previously assigned to Jiang Shi Ning, a courtly concubine, was beautiful beyond comparison, and the other was a woman of the immortal world who was a national beauty and a demonic b*tch type.

In the early days of her crossing over, these beautiful characters sparked jealousy, and there were people everywhere who plotted or disliked her, making her life especially difficult in the first few years.

And the beauty of these female supporting characters carries high-dimensional author’s malice, precisely because they were a beauty that was meant to bully and frame the protagonist, inviting trouble, and ultimately not ending well.

In the Republic of China world, the setting is to be only beautiful but submissive and annoying; she was the original wife of a large family, which made Jiang Shi Ning’s mission a little easier. After all, the less attractive someone appears, the more easily they are despised. Most times, appearance is a weapon, but it is also a double-edged sword.

Furthermore, she no longer needs to use her looks or all of her skills to win the favour of the protagonist or key characters; she can be herself; she is no longer a supporting character, let alone want to be the protagonist, so the initial default ordinary appearance is appropriate.

Jiang Shi Ning then read the second page, “Personal Talent Adjustment,” which describes how the game can change a person’s intelligence, physical strength, agility, and other characteristics.

“Will all the skills I learned in these books be kept?” She inquired.

“Of course, how can you forget what you’ve memorised?” The robot said, “Only that there may be distinctions between the mind and the body. For example, you may have learned calligraphy and dance in the imperial court world, but if your body does not react quickly enough and there is no physical coordination, your body will not be able to respond to it, no matter how clear it is in your mind.”

It appeared that talent development was required. She was about to adjust when the robot said, “Of course, all adjustments are limited to avoid disrupting the world balance.”

Jiang Shi Ning chose ‘excellent’ for physical coordination and other factors, which are commonly referred to as medium to high.

Jiang Shi Ning automatically chose her current level for wisdom, and for strength… She had been in too much danger in the past, so she did not hesitate to choose ‘highest’.

Beauty, dancing, and painting will not save your life, so keep your strength!

In terms of stamina, go with a sub-high.

Jiang Shi Ning finished adjusting and raised her head, noticing the robot appeared to be looking at itself.

“What’s the matter?”

“Nothing…… except that I rarely see women adjusting their strength and stamina to such extreme levels.  You can also turn up your charisma so that someone will naturally die to protect you,” the robot said.

“Who is going to protect me?” Jiang Shining snorted and said, “Men? Men are all big pig trotters.”

In her fifth transmigration, in addition to fighting the sky and the plot, she had to fight scumbags in various fields. She now appears to be in the sage mode, and she is uninterested in men. It is worse to rely on others than it is to rely on yourself. In a world and time where women are attached to men, she is like a looted pet.

When she thinks about it, she feels uneasy.

If she could spend her life steadily, she would rather live quietly by herself than become involved with men.

Jiang Shining changed the charm from medium to low, but the button unexpectedly returned to the middle.

“In the adjustment mode, there are thresholds that go up and down. You can change the value, but the lowest value is determined after the final result.” The robot said, “You can return to the default settings. The precise level is determined by your final setting.”

Good. Jiang Shining viewed a few more options, all of which were random by default. She was too lazy to make such fine adjustments.

Anyway, if the strength was so high, it had to be balanced in other areas, so she turned the page.

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