The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 17.3

The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 17.3

The system quickly responded to Xu Qiu’s views by saying: [Detected that these cubs had not eaten advanced humanoid intelligent creatures]

With a sigh of relief, Xu Qiu breathed deeply. The cubs appeared to be merely conversing.

[No, they’re merely scared about getting a stomachache from eating awful foods.]

Xu Qiu:…

She had a better understanding of the cubs’ harshness after only a few sentences, and she also realised how strongly the cubs were rejecting others.

It was quite remarkable that she could maintain her composure.

“I’m quite pleased with your response.”

Faced with Jasper, who is stubborn and cruel, Donald simply communicates too well.

She has always distinguished between rewards and penalties. She picked up cookie crumbs with chopsticks and stuffed them into Donald’s mouth.

Said it is debris, there is actually a thumb-sized piece.

These are compressed biscuits, very capable of resisting hunger.

Donald should have been thrilled after working so hard to get food, but all he wanted to do was cry.

There’s nothing good about it; it tastes just like the crushed biscuits he brought, which have been eaten thousands of times.

He wants to eat sweet pastries and sip lean pork porridge with a strong rice flavour.

The picture of eating under one’s own hands, she has to say, successfully stimulated Jasper, who was hungry.

Following that, Xu Qiu posed a series of basic questions, which Donald answered one by one.

She will feed the people every time the other party answers honestly.

Even if the other party is choking, he can sip some water.

Two people are stuck in the same place and have to endure hunger.

Everyone can endure together and have a companion.

Xu Qiu takes a different approach!

Jasper’s face grew increasingly ugly, but when he opened his mouth, he couldn’t say anything more.

Xu Qiu used Donald to figure out all the information she needed. The question-and-answer session lasted over ten minutes.

There are very few cubs trapped here. Except for the common people, the others all have amazing backgrounds and great backgrounds.

But the people behind them are very contradictory and don’t want these cubs to become adults and outstanding.

Three words flashed up in Xu Qiu’s mind: riches, and grievances.

Every family has scriptures that are difficult to recite, and after three thousand years, there has been no change to this point, divided by species’ variances.

Donald is a young man, and he has limited understanding.

The highly hungry man had already let go of his restraint, and Jasper swallowed his saliva, thinking of useful information he could give.

It appeared in his imagination that his family members who were waiting for his homecoming had made up his mind. If Xu Qiu spoke, he would leave his dignity.

But he waited for a few minutes yet did not hear Xu Qiu’s question.

Because Xu Qiu said: “Let’s go to the spacecraft.”

This is the first time she has come into contact with a private spacecraft. With a spacecraft, it can considerably reduce the investment cost of kindergartens.

Because these two people did not hesitate to take action against her earlier, Xu Qiu’s “judge” decided: Evaluate the spaceship as compensation.

Later, she will take 008 to take over the spaceship. From now on, that will be the property of the kindergarten!

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