The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 3.3

This page is entirely made up of material. First and foremost, she has the option of selecting her nationality and birthplace.

By default, the nationality area is random.

Background information regarding birth… Jiang Shining instantly remembered fighting with a family of people in the Republic of China. She had to protect herself from foreign enemies and find ways to protect herself within the family. It was just internal and external problems, and she was irritated to no end.

“Do you have the option of being born as an orphan?” Jiang Shining inquired.

Robot: …

The robot: “Yes, Ms. Jiang Shining. You can jump right into that world. Your identity or background is not an issue.”

Jiang Shining was overjoyed.

Looking down, the default age is 23, the age at which she died in the original world, and it cannot be changed.

She flips the page again, and this time it’s a wealth selection.

From impoverished to low social status, slowly going upwards. It appears that some book wearers who have completed tasks prefer to start over and hone their skills.

Jiang Shining was different; she didn’t want to scurry around for a living. She chose the penultimate item, the super-rich class, without hesitation. Even if she spends 200,000 yuan per day, it will take her 50 years to spend it all.

After selecting wealth, most Jiang Shining’s objective points have been consumed, with only a small portion remaining. As for the remaining real estate and cars, things like businesses are small heads. She didn’t choose them at all.

Sorry, she doesn’t even want to run a business. If possible, she just wants to be a wealthy woman in her life, to make up for the hard work of her fifth life, and no longer have to worry about anything.

“Even if you do not choose, we will provide you with business and real estate because you must integrate your assets.Your massive assets total approximately 3.6 billion, and they cannot all be current assets. If you do not wish to manage, you may use the funds to give us as a discount, and we will assist you in arranging management and subordinates.”

Jiang Shining wrote on her face that it was difficult. If that much money is invested in a business, it must be a large corporation.

Being a shopkeeper is impossible. She can hire a salesperson to open a small roadside store and not worry about anything, but even if this type of leading company has 20 vice presidents, the core management must remain in the hands of the founder.

It’s impossible to be completely unconcerned about it.

“Then I don’t want to have that much. One hundred million is enough. If it doesn’t work. I can redeem real estate. Five million is enough for me—”

“No, no, no!” Hearing her say this, the robot was more anxious than she was. “This money is not much at all. After you convert it into real estate and become a leading company in the industry, there is not much liquidity. And the company is good. You can reverse the price.”

“What if I pay?” Jiang Shining expressed her scepticism.

“We will not put excellent book wearers in such a bind after they retire!” The robot nearly smacked its chest. Recognizing that Jiang Shining was not easily fooled, it took a cautious step back. “Otherwise, Miss Jiang is dazzling. You return half of the 3.6 billion, but the rest must be replaced with corporate assets. We will help you find the employee in charge. Otherwise, it’s too against the rules. The points will be refunded by 70%. You can have more properties and change to a small business. Is this okay?”

A very profitable business. But how can there be such a thing as a pie in the sky? Jiang Shining was suspicious, but the robot maintained the appearance of business transactions.

So, as long as they don’t need her to come, they can do whatever they want, and it is indeed appropriate to refund 70% of the points.

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