The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 18.1

Jasper noticed Xu Qiu’s eyes brighten. He had previously suffered a loss, but this time he took advantage of the situation: “We still have a car outside, but you alone cannot get the right to use the car, and the barren star is so big, you don’t know where the spaceship is.”

He cast a scornful gaze at Donald and uttered the following words: “If you rely on him, it’s pointless. To pilot the spaceship and car, you’ll need my approval. Don’t even consider about getting those two things without my personal information.”

The man’s voice sounded stern, but Xu Qiu simply gave him a sidelong glance before proceeding to the podium, tidying up the cubs’ chairs, and exiting the classroom.


Jasper yelled, his voice raspy from not drinking water in a long time, so he chose to be a quiet quail to prevent losing his voice.

In any case, if the other party experienced a loss, she would return to find him.

“The childcare worker has come out, hurry and go.”

“Oh, you stepped on me.”

“Don’t squeeze, don’t squeeze!”

When a lot of fluffy filled saw Xu Qiu finish packing things in the classroom and move outside, they were like “you squeezed me and I squeezed you” and dashed into the dormitory.

They are listening in on conversations, and it would be disastrous if they were discovered.

Xu Qiu deliberately slowed down in order to cooperate with this group of cubs.

The door was vacant when she exited. The night wind blew by, and a feather landed in front of Xu Qiu’s eyes.

The cub was leaning against the wall, staring at Xu Qiu’s expression. “You still shed hair!”

“You still shed hair!”

Yuan Jiu had been severely wronged; he treasured his feathers so much that they had all been squeezed out by other cubs!

Xu Qiu gazed at the wall when she heard their voices, and when her gaze passed, the edge of the wall became vacant once more.

Xu Qiu knelt to pick up the scattered feathers and stuffed them into the tiny bag she was carrying.

Her small bag is one size larger than the cubs. It includes the room and box keys, a little communicator, sewing needles and threads, and a few lumps of sugar.

When she upgrades, she has more currency and can buy more daily necessities from the system mall.

Xu Qiu cleaned the outside of the classroom before turning to get the flashlight and leaving the kindergarten.

The cubs slid down the wall, and a fluffy claw with a slit silently opened the door.

“She went out.”

One by one, the cubs walked out the door.

You Yu lingered in his pool due to the inconvenient nature. “It’s bedtime, everyone should rest,” she says, seeing how unruly her classmates were.

Although You Yu followed the rules, the other cubs did not.

“The disciplinary committee didn’t say that it was not allowed. What do you care about so much? What a crying ghost.”


Water mist emerged in You Yu’s eyes as her face reddened.

Zhu Niang, who was relaxing in his pool, quickly intervened: “I’m not going, so let them go. They’re not going to be able to leave the kindergarten anyway. When the principal returns tomorrow, they won’t be able to eat the pudding.”

Xu Qiu’s kindergarten rules naturally include both rewards and punishments. Things that are good should be praised, and things that are bad should be punished.

Xu Qiu does not use physical punishment because most of the cubs have thick skin and flesh; instead, she deducts what the cubs like to eat.

You Yu’s hand was gripped by Zhu Niang, and their hands became warm.

You Yu thought that what she had done was not wrong when someone joined her, and she gave a quiet hmm, disregarding the energetic mischief cub.

“Bai Sa, do you want to go with us?” Yuan Jiu asked his comrades.

That childcare worker is the biggest fan of Bai Sa’s fluff, and Yuan Jiu want to pull him into the water with him.

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