The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 4.1

It was early in the morning, and there was a light breeze.

Jiang Shining’s eyes slowly opened. Her mind and habits were still trapped in that resource-poor apocalyptic zombie world, and the warm and luxurious bed underneath her made her feel like she was in the clouds.


After experiencing five different lives through the book, Jiang Shining was astonished by the abrupt shift of identity and environment. She blinked her eyes, looked up at the ceiling, and silently accepted the information that flashed across her mind.

The robot in charge of this time and space gave her the identification of a twenty-three-year-old girl who lived alone with two unknown parents and had no relations, as she had requested. The property she traded was handed to her by a distant relative she had never met. In his old age, that distant relative, a wealthy man without children, sought her out and allowed her to receive the estate.

The first step is to obtain a thorough understanding of what you’re getting yourself into.

Jiang Shining lay down for a bit longer, but no task came to mind; she suddenly realised, in a flashback, that she had fulfilled her task and could now enjoy her life.

So she doesn’t have to run, she doesn’t have to be afraid of failing; she doesn’t have to be cautious, and she doesn’t have to be exposed to others? For a moment, Jiang Shining was speechless, yet she couldn’t help but smile.

She got out of bed and took a stroll around her new home – the robot had been very picky. Buying a villa with a courtyard and everything in it, including the aesthetics and the way it was arranged, was exactly what Shining liked.

She opened the closet and noticed that the clothes hung on the three walls were complete, from skirts to trench coats, and that the shoes, jewellery, and bags beneath her were likewise in keeping with her style.

She randomly felt the fabrics and discovered that they were all from well-known brands.

She walked over because there was an afterglow in the mirror behind the wardrobe’s sliding door panel.

She is very concerned with how she appears, even though she is not afraid of becoming ugly. On the contrary, she did not understand why, in the past, she had never doubted the robots passing through the system space, because they share a relationship similar to that of soldiers and a military headquarters. But for some reason, she couldn’t let it go this time.

If she was set up as excessively pretty, she knew the robots had conned her, because there weren’t many huge, exaggeratedly beautiful women of the kind set up in TV shows in reality. Jiang Shining would have promptly reacted to the fact that she was still fixed on a specific book if confronted with that face again.

Of course, the robots didn’t do it particularly visibly. They all don’t want Shining to learn about it right away. If she becomes angry and quits, this universe, which contains a variety of incomplete manuscripts, will be without the right individual to fix the book.

Because the endings also mean that the future direction of this world is uncertain, and the book character’s personality roots are more unstable, the future is more likely to be ‘crazy’. Only the old and experienced transmigrators can hold the audience. It is clear that Jiang Shining is the best candidate.

They were all worried that her temper would cause her to turn away from this, but they hoped that Jiang Shining would first enjoy herself in this ‘regular’ world, free of the threat of death, and then gradually disclose it to her.

As a result, when Jiang Shining looks in the mirror for a brief while, her emotions remain stable.

It isn’t an everyday girl’s appearance, but it isn’t over-the-top either.

The woman in the mirror appears to be in her early twenties in terms of appearance. The role of the transmigrator will be set to be similar to their original appearance in order for them to be more familiar but will be more refined in terms of their original facial features according to the needs of each world.

When Jiang Shining was the imperial consort, for example, she had the high-profile soft version of Jiang Shining’s appearance, as if it had been carefully adjusted after cosmetic surgery in Japan.

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