I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 37.2

Sheng Shiyun, “…” He didn’t relax at all, and his brows tightened.

This makes the situation worse and more complicated.

In the end, You Qiuqiu specially recorded a male voice waking up and sent it to Weibo. Before posting on Weibo, she also carefully asked Jiang Tao and Shi Jing for their opinions, so that it would not look overly greasy.

Both claimed that it was not greasy, especially Shi Jing, who said on the spot that she had changed this voice into a wake-up ringtone.

Shi Jing: “Fuck, Qiuqiu, don’t change your voice back. Okay, this voice is so nice. I want to marry your voice!”

You Qiuqiu said, “…” It’s unnecessary, so let it go.

However, they claimed the voice was really sweet, not greasy at all, and You Qiuqiu was relieved.

The outcome is pretty good. Xingqiu is a little confused at first, their cub grows into handsome Gege. They only listen to this voice and don’t know which young male idol is this.

Then the mother fan applauded and inserted the voice into the phone, turning it into an alarm.

I never thought that my daughter would obtain such benefits in the end, even after being hit by mistake. If this occurred to other artists, how could there be such a positive thing?

They gain double satisfaction: her face is that of a lovely daughter, and her voice is that of a good-quality boyfriend.

Dad fans humbly requested a wake-up alarm. Let’s forget the boyfriend’s voice. They fear being misunderstood, but they may have to wait for the cub to restore her original voice.

Sheng Shiyun saw that You Qiuqiu was using her male voice to call female fans and call them babies. He believed that You Qiuqiu’s approach was unacceptable.

Why did she suddenly become a bit like a scumbag?

Or does she have a scumbag secret attribute at the beginning, but she didn’t expose it, but now that she suddenly got a male voice, she couldn’t control herself anymore.

You Qiuqiu questioned Jiang Tao, “Do you think Mr. Sheng has always looked at me with weird eyes these last two days?”

You Qiuqiu even felt guilty if she did something in Mr. Sheng’s presence, and almost blurted out, “I confess.”

But she was staying in the hospital all the time and accomplished nothing.

If she said she did something unusual, she only liked the Weibo on which the participant who wanted to avenge Tao Ge was brought to justice.

This shouldn’t impact her, right?

You Qiuqiu’s doubts were met with Jiang Tao’s shaking head. She didn’t think Mr. Sheng was strange.

You Qiuqiu truly couldn’t bear it after two days in the hospital.

Because of this incident and the fact that Tao Anjie was involved, the hospital was gradually full of paparazzi, which caused a lot of difficulties for the hospital.

The patients within the hospital will also try to bend this way, wanting to glimpse the great star.

Regardless of whether You Qiuqiu is an 18-line artist or not, it is an artist who is a big star in the eyes of ordinary people.

You Qiuqiu believed that she was really okay and didn’t want to occupy these public resources. This time, You Qiuqi want to be discharged from the hospital, and Sheng Shiyun did not stop her.

When You Qiuqiu came to the hospital, she brought nothing, so even if she left, she didn’t need to pack much. There were only some present from someone she knew.

She had seen that there was a large bouquet of very fresh lilies in the vase, with dewdrops on the delicate petals.

“You bought it?” She asked Jiang Tao.

Jiang Tao stared at the lily and patted her forehead, “Oh, oh, you were sleeping in the morning, and I forgot to tell you, this is from Cui Laoshi.”

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