The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 18.2

Bai Sa did not stop the cubs, but he had no intention of paying attention to them.

Throughout the day, he used a set of skills. Even the delicious pastries prepared with care by the childcare worker only helped him a little.

Bai Sa rested in his nest, his ears drooping, hiding the boisterous sounds of the outer world. Cats are naturally sleepy creature.

The only place where the cubs are still active, according to Bai Sa, is where the childcare worker lets them to be.

They cannot access the kitchen or the small room. They went to inspect the two sand sculptures in the shape of humans.

The cubs were overjoyed when they discovered they were still imprisoned and not being released by Xu Qiu.

They successfully startled Jasper and Donald, who were hungry and thirsty, into passing out again. The cubs became bored after a moment of happiness.

There is no sense of success in scaring someone to death, and it isn’t nearly as intriguing as renovating their chair.

“Let’s go out and have a look.”

Ding Ding and Dong Dong reminded him: “The range of activities is in the kindergarten, and you can’t get out at all.”

If they were all adults, this kind of electric shock would be nothing to them, but they don’t want to become electric grilled bats today, whether it’s Ding Ding or Dong Dong.

Of course, they would not stop Yuanjiu from becoming a roasted bird.

Seeing that everyone had attacked him and would remember to point at him, Qing Sha even spits some sand and makes a grave bag for him.

“You are so foolish, of course. You need to fly to a high position to see it, and I didn’t say you wanted to go out,” Yuan Jiu said contemptuously.

A few cubs swooped into the middle of the signboard, relying on their geographical advantages to see Xu Qiu at a glance.

Their kindergarten was built on desolate territory, with desert-like yellow sand on the ground.

The sand is light yellow-white, and there is a subtle white light even at night when the moonlight shines.

Xu Qiu appeared to be quite small in the huge desert.

It was an extremely windy night, and she struggled to move ahead against the wind, her long hair thrown in a tangle.

Xu Qiu came to a halt in front of a pretty cool automobile after approximately two minutes of walking.

As Jasper said, vehicles need information authentication.

Naturally, there is no way to drive this car by relying on Xu Qiu’s own ability, but she still has 008.

008’s energy was too low when Xu Qiu first awoke, and it was hesitant to keep its power on.

However, the present 008 has adequate power to handle a smart car with less advanced technologies.

The car door opened after Xu Qiu stood for a minute.

[Welcome. You can call me No. 008. Your loyal navigator 008 will assist you.]

Xu Qiu exhaled a sigh of relief when she observed the sight in front of her, despite her confidence in 008’s talents.

The cubs looked as they saw Xu Qiu climb inside the car, moving away, leaving two rows of white gas.

Yuan Jiu’s chest was pounding with rage. He fluttered his wings and flew back as his emotions subsided, yelling: “The invader and the human are both members of the same species. She treats us well, but it’s all a sham. Don’t be deceived by illusions!”

The cubs that did not come out to partake in the fun, however, did not agree with Yuanjiu.

Yuan Jiu turned to Ding Ding and Dong Dong and said, “This time I wasn’t alone when I saw it. Ding Ding and Dong Dong were also present and witnessed the incident.”

Yuan Jiu was represented by two small bats who nodded and testified for him.

“She got in that car easily and drove out,” Ding Ding said, his was a little annoyed.

“What about it?”

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