The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 4.2

Her eyes are about 70% the same as they were when she was an imperial consort; the ends of her eyes are raised, like peach flower eyes. With Jiang Shining’s exceptional acting skills, she used the many techniques of Sun Tzu’s Art of War to change the beauty that was purposely shown into a feeling that the beauty didn’t realise her charms, causing the Late Emperor to fall in love with her.

In movies, too beautiful upturned eyes will always give people a feeling that the woman has a lot of vile thoughts or would harm the country and the people.

The Imperial Consort Xiao’s delicate and beautiful aura subdued the demonic appeal of those eyes at the time, but now it is Jiang Shining’s aura that has altered. Even though she was just 23 years old when she first appeared on the scene, she had already had a lot of life events that had made her more experienced.

She is usually too lazy to smile, so her aura has become indifferent and distant, as if nothing matters. Coupled with her Apocalypse zombie role, that gave a very similar look to thin lips, making her less charming, but a little cold.

As for the rest, her nose was high and delicate, and she had fair skin, which is the standard of beauty – except that, after reading so many books, this kind of delicate head and tail appearance is already the standard, and being the main character or having an important role will give the look a slightly different temperament.

Jiang Shining accepted it; after all, three of the five characters she played were gorgeous, while the other two were ordinary. Considering the robot’s current appearance, it appears that the robot has no handicap.

At this age, this girl should be fresh out of college, looking tender and green, with a clean and pure white complexion. Shining’s eyes made her appear calm and stable, without the enthusiasm of a young girl, and she had just returned from an apocalyptic planet where she had been fighting monsters until the end. When she doesn’t smile, her demeanour is a touch frightening, but it’s more akin to a gangster who inherited her father’s business when she was young.

Jiang Shining smiled as she moved the corner of her mouth to the mirror, and the menacing aura vanished.

That’s excellent.

Jiang Shining circled the villa once more before finally laying her heart to rest. Even though this was her first visit to the villa, everything about it, from the layout to the furnishings, was to her liking. The robot did not lie; her identity is not one of the female characters from a book, but one created specifically for her.

Jiang Shining couldn’t help herself; she had become suspicious as she travelled around the world too often, and even the task dispatcher had become suspicious, leaving her helpless.

Jiang Shining rested on the soft sofa after a leisurely stroll and hummed contentedly. She had already set plans for the next twenty years: to be an obscenely wealthy woman who wastes money, makes no progress, does not work hard, and merely eats, drinks, and enjoys herself.

En, that’s perfect!

In reality, after visiting so many worlds, Jiang Shining missed the children she had raised the most. They were all born or nurtured by her, although they were the sons and daughters of the original owner. She must be cautious of everyone in that cold and schemed world, and only those children who support each other with her. Her son is fine, but she is particularly worried about her daughter.

It’s simply… ai. She hopes that, as the robot predicted, she has guided all the worlds along the best possible route for the future, and that everyone is happy in their own world. It’s difficult to live, and it’s even more difficult for the separated side to stay healthy.

Jiang Shining’s character made her unaccustomed to sinking into depression. She instantly brightened up and headed to the cloakroom to select her outfit.

She wants to get a good look at the new city she plans to move to.

This robot has assigned her to a new universe and a new city that appears almost identical to the one she left. It’s simply that she grew up in a tiny village, and the city seems to be more than a fine line for her. The city, known as P City is quite large. It seems that the two or three first-tier cities are so big together, so they are very prosperous.

Jiang Shining’s villa is in a luxury neighbourhood on the outskirts of town, with plenty of greenery, yet it takes roughly half an hour to travel into the city centre. Jiang Shining was completely content with what she had.

Free, peaceful and rich, what else can she choose?

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