I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 37.3

Cui Laoshi was referring to Cui Jiannan.

Jiang Tao has been waking up earlier than You Qiuqiu. Cui Jiannan’s representative came over and offered a large basket of fruits and a bouquet of lilies. Jiang Tao originally intended to wake up You Qiuqiu. After all, Mr. Cui’s coffee position is considerably bigger than You Qiuqiu and respectable elders. Even Cui Jiannan’s agent is a well-known figure in the circle.

But Cui Jiannan’s agent stopped her.

“She said I didn’t need to wake you up. She put down the stuff and left, so I didn’t call you. The movie emperor’s agent is very talkative. She has no airs… Qiuqiu, do you want to thank Cui Laoshi?”

Of course, she has to.

You Qiuqiu located Cui Jiannan’s WeChat account and sent a text. Thank you, Jiannan Ge for the flowers and fruits. I’m fine now and will be discharged from the hospital.

Jiang Tao is a very feminine person. She was reluctant to look at the lilies in the vase when she was about to leave the ward.

“I can’t take such a good flower, it’s a pity to put it here.”

They have a lot of things in their hands and can only stay here for a while.

You Qiuqiu: “It’s a pity. You can leave it to the people behind to appreciate it.”

One sentence was enough to persuade Jiang Tao, and that is the truth.

Cui Jiannan returned slowly and late, this time: “Everything is fine. I’ve been filming for a while now, so be careful.”

Nowadays, variety shows are very popular and profitable. Fans bluntly say that many movie celebrities have fallen into this world.

Variety shows are, in fact, excellent. People can quickly become fans if they have a good attitude. Many actors who have worked in the industry for a long time and have many high-quality movies rely on variety shows. The audience will suddenly realize, “Oh, he, I know, has he ever filmed yyy TV series or played a certain role in xx movies?”

Many celebrities in the circle believe that going to variety shows is a good way to make quick money, even if it isn’t for the fans or the fame.

Cui Jiannan is a regular entertainer on variety shows. He has a pleasant demeanour, is calm and intelligent, and is well-liked on variety shows. But he is still an actor, one with exceptional acting abilities.

You Qiuqiu and Jiannan, both replied to each other, and then she went back to her old line of work.

Now it’s time to film with the crew.

Maintain her status as the parkour woman…

The director was relieved to see You Qiuqiu return to the crew.

“You Qiuqiu, your voice doesn’t make much difference, right?”

You Qiuqiu: “No.”

The director’s smile shifted to a more subtle expression.


He doesn’t believe You Qiuqiu’s statement is correct or has any effect.

The director: “…the sound can be changed back?”

The director breathed a sigh of relief after receiving the positive response.

“That’s not a big problem. We can still dub later.”

Because the live mic was initially quite noisy, this drama had to be dubbed together by the actors, so even if You Qiuqiu has a charming baritone voice, it won’t have any issues.

In the female knight costume, You Qiuqiu reported to the director and switched back to parkour mode.

However, the director thinks the problem is not as big as You Qiuqiu thinks it is.

In this scene, the beauty saves the hero. You Qiuqiu plays a fierce tiger operation, once again saving the hero from the crisis.

She dangled in Wia and supported the actor’s back with one hand. The actor could only smell the fragrant wind and see You Qiuqiu’s lovely face when he turned his head. Although he has no other meaning for You Qiuqiu, this picture is still very beautiful, and as long as he is a man, he will appreciate it purely visually.

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