I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 37.4

“Why are you so embarrassed by yourself again?” You Qiuqiu said, opening her mouth with a cold face and looking down at the hero who had been rescued by her.

The sound was a low, pleasant baritone. The leading actor broke apart, and his mind was jumbled.

He should have said, “Heroic woman, it’s you again.”

What he said was, “Come on ah, big brother.”

You Qiuqiu:???


What the hell is going on with this big brother?

The director called the card urgently, frowning, and settled accounts with the leading actor.

“What’s the matter with your line?”

The actor was also wronged, “I remember the line, but Qiuqiu’s voice… is too real.”

God, her voice is more manly and more magnetic than his!

He can’t seem to stop rippling since his imagination is full of big brothers.

The director had no choice but to start over, and You Qiuqiu took the initiative to admit her shortcomings and accept responsibility for her actions. Her voice appears to affect the performance of the drama when listening to the actor’s meaning.

As a result, You Qiuqiu decided to make adjustments during the second filming.

Even though they had to retake what they had just filmed, everything went brilliantly and without a hitch. You Qiuqiu was the one who had to say the line, and the actor looked at her uneasily.

You Qiuqiu squeezed his throat, “Why are you so embarrassed by yourself again?”

The actor was no longer capable of moving. He couldn’t even speak his lines, so he called out urgently to stop.

After the director called out the card, the actor made a begging gesture to You Qiuqiu, “You Qiuqiu, just say normally. You can use your current voice. Don’t pretend to make a female voice. I can’t bear it. My brain is blank.”

You Qiuqiu: “…but I was originally a female.”

What exactly do you mean when you said pretend to make a female voice?

Even though You Qiuqiu was dressed as a female heroine, the leading actor was hesitant to gaze at her female characteristics. “Yes.” He finally said, after a long time.

Yes, it was still not so decisive.

“But your voice… just come like this.”

There was a vision of a man forcibly pretending to be a cute girl with her voice.

The two of them finally try the third time after two crazy shoots. The leading actor wiped sweat from his brow and sighed heavily. The part with You Qiu killed him. This is a violation. The sense of harmony is too strong!

You Qiuqiu’s part is over. She and Jiang Tao go hand in hand to the toilet.

There are actors and crew members from various crews in this small film and television city, which has a large public toilet. You Qiuqiu couldn’t help but ask Jiang Tao about what happened to the actor just now while crouching in the toilet cubicle.

“Is this really weird?” She didn’t think so.

“Fuck, there’s a pervert!”

You Qiuqiu did not hear Jiang Tao’s response, but she heard the odd girl’s shrill screams.


At that moment, You Qiuqiu was scared and didn’t want to squat any longer.

Where is the pervert?

Then, before You Qiuqiu could respond, she heard the girl’s high-pitched voice call.

“Hello, security guard? Come here as soon as possible. A man has entered the women’s restroom. I just overheard him talking in the women’s restroom…”

The girl’s voice gradually went away as she spoke, and she should have exited.

You Qiuqiu: Too abnormal! How could a man shamelessly enter the women’s bathroom?! Must be caught!

But You Qiuqiu gradually think again.

Something seems to be wrong…

She just said something, and it sounded like a man’s voice. The girl was scared about it and she would be labelled a male pervert if the security guard came here.



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