The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 18.3

The small mermaid You Yu, whom Yuan Jiu mocks as a crying ghost, was the one who asked this question.

Her mood improved after a few whispers with Zhu Niang.

“Even if she is the person over there, she hasn’t done anything to harm us.” You Yu calmly stated, “Even if someone who has nothing to do with those people shows up, they might not be able to match her ability. So long as she doesn’t harm us, that is. I don’t want to hear you criticise the principle in front of my eyes.”

The perception of a cub is significantly superior to that of an adult. She didn’t detect any malice in Xu Qiu’s body.

In fact, she’s been putting in a lot of effort to get along with them.

Even if You Yu nerves were too delicate and sensitive, she would cry at every turn, and because she was a deep-sea creature, she was difficult to move, Xu Qiu showed no impatience, but was very patient in helping her.

Not to mention the fact that she let them go after she discovered the switch.

You Yu isn’t interested in hearing what others have to say; she only wants to believe what her eyes see and her heart feels.

This was the first time You Yu, who had never shown concern to others, had displayed such a sharp side, and Yuan Jiu was rendered speechless.

He looked at the other cubs, but they all turned aside and said nothing about it.

Yuan Jiu made his way back to his nest. He buried his mouth in the warm chest feathers and covered his face with feathers so no one could see his expression.

Xu Qiu arrived at the little spacecraft in a self-contained vehicle.

Like Jasper and Donald, their work is not much appreciated. This spacecraft’s model is quite outdated, and many of its components are deteriorating.

008 was able to link to the spacecraft’s drive system and may transport Xu Qiu to another star.

[We can choose a new planet, and I can construct a new identity for you when I infiltrate the local household registration system.]

Although most planets have joined the Interstellar Alliance, each star’s technical and economic progress differs significantly.

When Xu Qiu awoke, she found herself on a very civilised star.

Xu Qiu’s heart skipped a beat when the system made this proposal.

She was still uneasy when she thought about the kindergarten cubs.

“You can’t access energy as easily on other planets as you can now, right?”

Unlike the planet that is purposefully disregarded, most energy-rich planets have owners.

[Not necessarily]

“That’s a distinct possibility. Life in kindergarten is already on the correct track in many ways. If the time comes for me to depart, I will ensure my safety.”

After all, this isn’t Xu Qiu’s time and space, nor is it her family and friends.

If it were the first time she awoke, and she had the option to choose, she would select the easier option.

But now she is in charge, and Xu Qiu will not leave this place without a fight before the cubs go.

The little spaceship had a finite amount of energy, so Xu Qiu didn’t remain long.

Before leaving, Xu Qiu loaded the spaceship with a variety of items, including food, clothing, and tools that may help the cubs live happier lives.

Xu Qiu finally felt the pain in her arm after placing these things in place.

She took a brief shower and couldn’t fall asleep since she expected to be excited, but her eyelids began warring as soon as she hit the bed.

Before sleeping out, Xu Qiu was still thinking about giving the candy to the cubs tomorrow, which would make them thrilled.

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