The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 4.3

Jiang Shining looked into the properties that were registered in her name. There are a total of four houses in the three best locations in P City, five more in Y City, a super first-tier city next door, and a seaside villa in a coastal city.  The purchasing of properties appears to be unrestricted throughout the world.

Jiang Shining purchased a single room in the city centre so that she can live here when she falls out of grace and  when she wants to be a normal citizen, which is quite convenient.

She enjoys going shopping for food and stocking up on snacks at the supermarket. She not only enjoys the delight of cooking every day, but she also keeps potted flowers, plants grass, drinks bubble tea every day, walks around the home, and retires early.

She began the task at the age of 23, and she is now back in her body at the age of 23, but her spirit appears to have been like an old man, having been exposed to too much wind and rain, like an old lazy cat.

She left the world in the book the latest time she passed away; she was just in her forties, and more of them are continually taking 10 years, even though she was in the fifth life, usually always when the supporting actors were the youngest. She was a young woman ranging in age from fifteen to thirty-five, but she was bored with living the same life repeatedly.

This is most likely the weary period after completing the game’s objectives of becoming the strongest king and clearing five more difficult dungeons.

She has no idea if the robot purposefully arranged her before the plot line began. In short, Jiang Shining lived a tranquil and steady year in the lives of ordinary people.

She set the book down on the table and raised her head to gaze out the floor-to-ceiling window. The workers were building the lawn, and the sun was glowing.

The years have been peaceful and fruitful.

Yes, this is what she seeks: a life of simplicity and richness…

Jiang Shining, who was aspiring to be a rich woman lazy, took a breath in the vicissitudes of life, and an idea that had occurred regularly and persistently pressed in the previous several months broke out of Jiang Shining’s mind.

Her hands are itchy.

She really wants to beat people.

Jiang Shining immediately put it out of her mind.

Stay headed! Jiang Shining! You must keep in mind that you were desperate to enter the books, and you are not such a barbarous individual! Don’t even think about it!

… However, the contrast between affluence and emptiness is apparent.

Her hands are itchy….


While Jiang Shining persuaded herself to be a good person, a black Maserati stopped below a magnificent company in the city of Y next door.

A man in a costly, tailored suit sat in the rear seat, puzzled by why he felt cold behind him. A small movement of his slim hand let his female friend next to him feel it right away.

“Jingrui, I…” Cheng Luoxun, the female companion, had a lovely face. She bit her delicate lips slightly, making her look even more pitiful. “I’ve been retired for two years, and I’m not sure whether I can do it…” she murmured.

In a quiet voice, Xiu Jingrui turned his face, extended his hand to touch her arm, and whispered, “You can speak with your agent without fear of being judged. Next week, we’ll return to City P.”

“But, but-she’s also in that city.” Cheng Luoxun tremblingly said quietly.

Xiu Jingrui snorted coldly, and he held the little pitiful arm in his hand tighter.

“Luo Luo, don’t forget that you are my woman and you are pregnant with the Xiu family.” President Xiu said coldly, “and she’s a b*tch who loves me no matter what. Don’t worry, you are protected by me. Let me see who dares to move you!”

The author has something to say:

Heroine: Oh? (Smile gradually become abnormal)

Robot: @_@ I knew you were bored so fast. We will tell you directly.

This kind of boss, um… I don’t think the shelf life is very long.

An acquaintance will appear in the next chapter! Hehehe

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