The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 5.1

Cheng Luoxun appreciates Xiu Jingrui’s dedication and love for her, and she wishes to repay him, but she has come up with no suitable idea.

You should know that since he was eight years old, Xiu Jingrui believed that every household should be equipped with a plane. No one would ever think of flying a plane like this.

Rich to the point where any gift seems to be unable to enter his eyes.

On the Xiu Jia’s private plane, Xiu Jingrui and Cheng Luoxun landed in P City a week later. Cheng Luoxun made her decision in front of the Maserati that had arrived to pick them up.

“How about we go live in my place, Jingrui?” Cheng Luoxuan kindly stated, “You haven’t lived the life of a commoner, have you? I want you to experience ordinary people’s joy.”

Naturally, Xiu Jingrui agreed. As a result, the president followed Cheng Luoxun to the city centre home she had purchased when she was a young actress.

Not only that, but Cheng Luoxun went to great lengths to invite Xiu Jingrui to go grocery shopping with her.

Xiu Jingrui is likewise curious. He is a wealthy N-generation person, and he has no opportunity to visit such a location.

However, he drew the attention of many people by wearing a simple, custom-made suit and having an attractive appearance with such a deep glance.

They didn’t realise Cheng Luoxun was related to film and television industry. She joyfully lifted her hand to show him whenever she found something she loved to eat.

Xiu Jingrui pushed the shopping cart with a serene expression on his face and a smile at the corners of his mouth.

When he raised his eyes, he was surprised to see instant coffee on the shelves. This once again opened the door to Xiu Jingrui’s new universe; he took up a bag and looked around, amazed that the world could still brew coffee like this.

Cheng Luoxun turned to the other side of the shelf at the same time, reaching for something but not expecting to run into another person. Cheng Luoxun shifted her gaze to the side and noticed Jiang Shining, who was also out shopping.

Jiang Shining was considering her options for today’s purchases when she heard a frigid gasp in her ears. Jiang Shining turned around to see a small woman with a lovely face who easily made others want to protect her, staring at her with her mouth shaking slightly and her eyes wide open in surprise.

Jiang …… Jiang Ranran! Why are you here!” Cheng Luoxun trembled and stretched out her finger towards her, saying in horror, “Are you following me on my trip?! What the hell do you want? Do you …… you still refuse to let me go?”

Being pointed at with righteous indignation, Jiang Shining froze and let out a syllable, “…… ah?”

To be honest, Jiang Shining didn’t even consider whether she had anything to do with her at first. Because she has visited worlds with a high difficulty level, the powerful character who falls also has a high IQ, but she has never encountered a noisy white lotus girl on the street, and she initially mistook her for mentally ill.

Jiang Shining grimaced as a large number of people who were observing her gathered around her one by one.

“Do you think you’ve got the wrong lady? I’ve never seen you before,” Jiang Shining said.

Cheng Luoxuan was trembling, pearl-like tears running down her face, and she was weeping and crying while covering her face.

“Please give up, Jiang Ranran, Xiu Jingrui and I are in love, I beg you, let us be together, OK?” Cheng Luoxun wept as she spoke.

It was not enough. She had to come forward and grab Jiang Shining’s arm. Although Jiang Shining’s heart is beginning to doubt, she is a person who has undergone a hundred years of training, so how can she be easily caught?

She made a skillful dodge, and then an even more unexpected scene unfolded…. Cheng Luoxun pounced on empty air, colliding with the shelf. The two of them did so for only a fraction of a second, and when she recovered, Cheng Luoxun had already covered her stomach and was sitting awkwardly on the ground.

“My baby…… my stomach……!” She screamed in agony.

Ooh …… Did she touch porcelain?

Jiang Shining was about to say something when she heard footsteps outside of the crowd, rushing over, the dull sound of a leather shoe heel striking the earth.

A tall man in a suit was kneeling next to Cheng Luoxun, whispering to inquire about her situation. The woman, naturally, looked fragile and pitiful, in front of her eyes.

After helping Cheng Luoxun up, the man’s muscles tensed furiously, and he slowly turned around, his eagle-like eyes looking gloomily at Jiang Shining.

“I realize that you are dangerous, Jiang Ranran. How dare you follow us and injure Luoluo? I will make you pay the price!” Xiu Jingrui grumbled.

The conversation in the vicinity began to heat up. No one moved forward to stop a lovely man and two beautiful women from tearing each other apart, and everyone was content to watch the talk from afar.

And Jiang Shining was lost in thought for a minute as she stared at this man. The disdain in Xiu Jingrui’s eyes grew as he mistook her bewilderment for love and fondness.

“You nasty woman, stop deluding yourself about me! I won’t fall in love with a cruel woman like you,” Xiu Jingrui stated coldly.

Jiang Shining’s face froze, not because he was attractive, but because…… his eyebrows, eyes, and features all reminded her of someone she knew.

Jiang Shining’s heart skipped a beat, and she realised she’d been tricked by those robots. She wrote her vengeance in the small notebook and then withdrew the phone from her bag, no longer intending to be involved with the two of them.

Xiu Jingrui had already violently clutched her wrist that was holding the phone, while Cheng Luoxuan wailed in terror.

“What do you want to do?” He threw her against the shelf and said something terrible. The shaking caused the bottles and jars on the shelves to sway.

Jiang Shining raised her head. Her expression had become scared and soft.

“Let go of me. I don’t know who you guys are. Are you crazy!”

Xiu Jingrui raised his hand and pushed Jiang Shining out.

Xiu Jingrui replied coldly in front of the woman who had fallen to the ground and appeared to be cowering in terror, “I get nauseous when I touch you. Wait until my lawyer’s letter is delivered to your Ninglu Media. I’m going to make you pay for it.”

…… what company? Jiang Shining’s temples jumped, but now was not the time to dwell on that.

She got to her feet after picking up her phone.

“Don’t bother with that.” Jiang Shining said, “We’ll settle this today.”

“What do you want?” Xiu Jingrui frowned as he watched her enter the number.

“Call the police.” Jiang Shining lowered her head and said blankly.

Cheng Luoxun and Xiu Jingrui:…

In greenhorn’s article, there should be no such thing as an alarm… However, they live in a world that is fully developed and thorough.

Jiang Shining had realized what this might be, but it should be of low difficulty.

She didn’t even bother to engage in conversation with these two individuals. Because Xiu Jingrui is dressed in a designer suit, he must be a powerful president of a large corporation.

The laws of the world have a monitoring mechanism. She can go to the police station and show Cheng Luoxun’s “accident,” with Xiu Jingrui pushing her in the surveillance footage. This behaviour was enough to make him drink a pot.

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