I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 37.5

You Qiuqiu was a little messy.

Jiang Tao is not in the toilet. She probably got out early. After what happened just now, You Qiuqiu didn’t dare to speak. She wanted to apologise to the girl who had been afraid earlier, but the girl was no longer there.

The girl was most likely terrified, so she dialled the security guard’s number and fled.

However, when You Qiuqiu exited the women’s restroom, she noticed a man snooping around the door.

The man was dressed in a suit and had leather shoes, yet he was not conducting human affairs. Seeing You Qiuqiu’s eyes flashed with surprise, he opened his mouth and said, “Want to make an appointment?”

You Qiuqiu, “…”

“Eat shit, it’s you!”

If the man is here and can open his mouth shamelessly, naturally, he is not afraid of the girls’ being angry.

On the contrary, he liked gorgeous girls’ angry expressions. The small white face was flushed, and the wet eyes were filled with shock and wrath. If she could stamp her feet or scream, he’d be even more pleased. It’s possible to describe it as a sense of accomplishment.

Even when she’s scolding and panicking, a pretty girl is still pretty, and her scolding voice is still pretty.

It wasn’t until he heard the lovely fairy-like woman in front of him say, “Eat shit, it’s you!” in a low and sweet baritone voice.

The man was terrified. His hippie smile had vanished, and he was in a panic, making his body shiver.

“You’re… the… pervert!”

“My mother, you are a man!”

How can she be a man?!

The man who wanted to play a hooligan in the first place is simply inappropriate.

Soon, the security came over. It should be the girl who ran away, just called.

The security guard noticed two people arguing in front of the toilet and focused his attention on You Qiuqiu and the man on the other side.

As usual, he inquired, “I heard there were male hooligans running into the women’s toilet?”

You Qiuqiu extended her finger and pointed to the man on the other side.

The security guard: Okay, I get it.

The man was still struggling as he was taken away.

“No, why did you capture me? You didn’t catch him. He is a man. He had just exited the women’s restroom, and I had never entered it!”

The man was referring to You Qiuqiu.

The security guard ignored him.

He was familiar with You Qiuqiu, a little star, and even if she wasn’t a small star, she stood there really cutely. Where did she look like a man?

Don’t make a draft if you want to lie!

The security guy loathed the man and dragged him to the security room without mercy.

You Qiuqiu: She can prove that it is rare that the other party did not lie, and that it was indeed her “male pervert” that the girl on the phone wanted to catch.

But that is a misunderstanding.

You Qiuqiu stood at the door for a while, and Jiang Tao rushed over. She just temporarily went to answer the phone.

Jiang Tao: “What happened just now?”

She had witnessed a security guard dragging a man off his feet.

“It’s nothing,” You Qiuqiu said, shaking her head. She didn’t tell Jiang Tao, because the problem was fixed, so Jiang Tao didn’t have to be concerned.

You Qiuqiu’s forefoot is still thinking about the baritone seems not very convenient, but You Qiuqiu’s backfoot thinks the baritone is really easy to use!

The player who mixed the drink with a stimulating liquid and intended to crush Tao Anjie’s throat has been punished, but the penalty is light because he did not cause “serious harm.”

Tao Anjie fans are not satisfied with this result.

Is that it?

Tao Anjie’s life will be shattered if he succeeds, and You Qiuqiu, who is next door, will lose her voice.

Jiang Tao was also not happy, “The punishment was too light!”

“Don’t be upset,” You Qiuqiu said as she handed her a packet of potato chips.

The episode of “My Voice, My Show” in which You Qiuqiu appeared as a guest star was not delayed, and it aired a week later as planned.

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