The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 19.2

She also made Zhu Niang a very fresh meatball.

She used a tiny piece of pork that had been left over from the day before. The meat was blended with flour and kneaded into a round ball because the quantity was not a lot. She fried it together with the potato shreds.

On the outside, the meatballs are slightly scorched brown and the size of two marbles. The meat juices will flow out after a mouthful, leaving one’s mouth feeling fresh.

Xu Qiu fried some meatballs; she kept a few for herself and gave the rest to Zhu Niang to eat.

“There is just a little. This is what I could save from my food. As a thank you for your help, I give you a gift. You can’t tell others.”

For the time being, this kind of action of giving a nice boy preferential attention cannot be said; otherwise, she would not have as much food for the cubs to eat.

Zhu Niang nodded obliviously as he remembered the taste of fried meatballs.

“Come on, let’s do a pinky swear, make an agreement,” Xu Qiu said as she extended out her little finger and tugged on the hook with Zhu Niang.

Zhu Niang’s fingers are small, soft, and look very delicate.

Something will become exceptionally delicate and exquisite if it is one size smaller.

With a smile, Xu Qiu’s pinky finger firmly caught Zhu Niang’s little finger and said: “For a hundred years, pinky swears. Liying is not allowed. Anyone who lies will be turned into a puppy.”

Zhu Niang was still a little perplexed. When he heard this, he expressed her opinion: “Why is it not allowed to lie for a hundred years, but it is allowed to lie for a thousand years?”

Puppies give Zhu Niang a poor impression. He doesn’t like any of the species on land, and he has no desire to become a puppy.

Xu Qiu was choked. It was a very unusual for a long-lived old man to live a hundred years in the era when she lived.

But the life span of a mermaid is a few hundred years. Although Zhu Niang is not a mermaid, he is probably a creature similar to a mermaid.

“Pinky swears, and we can lie for a thousand years,” she said, changing her lines in a kind-hearted manner.

The cubs unanimously approved of the pancakes for breakfast.

By the way, Xu Qiu took a biology class (a gourmet class).

“Flour is used to make the delicious pancakes, and the flour is ground from wheat.”

Xu Qiu grabbed a small wheat seed from her pocket and said, “This is wheat. It will germinate, grow, and mature into a strong plant before bearing fruit.”

While speaking and drawing on the chalkboard, she discussed the process of plant growth and germination.

She also racked her brains to come up with some entertaining stories, learning from the professors she loved, and trying to make the dull information exciting and engaging.

Hua Lan, in particular, listened intently and occasionally raised his tiny vine to pose strange inquiries.

For example, what are wheat flowers and what are their colours, as well as whether or not they are attractive?

Hua Lan desired to blossom because he believed that only by blossoming would he be able to leave his cub position.

These vines develop slowly, and when they are born, they are orphans who have no recollection of their parents.

After all, all plants begin as seeds. When a large number of seeds take root and germinate, the location may have travelled a long way.

Hua Lan’s queries were painstakingly answered by Xu Qiu, who did not neglect to assert this capable vine: “You must also be able to blossom smoothly, and you must be able to bloom a very lovely flower, which is even more lovely than wheat flour. It’s a thousand times better!”

Xu Qiu would praise Hua Lan’s flowers as the best-looking ones, no matter how ugly they get.

After all, he is the kindergarten’s sole plant cub. He is still over a century old. She should respect the elderly and love the young, regardless of their standing as teachers and students.

Xu Qiu also offered the cubs a few wheat seeds to help them develop their hands-on skills.

“Begin planting them today, and then wait for them to sprout and grow, and then see who has the best wheat and the plumpest ear of wheat.”

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