The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 19.3

Competition can always elicit strong feelings in cubs.

“Will you play with us, Principal?”

“I will be a referee and will not engage in everyone’s competition,” Xu Qiu said, shaking her head.

Her goal is to increase food production, which necessitates the use of fertiliser. Isn’t that bullying compared to the cubs?

The cubs were relieved to learn that she would not be partaking, and they all carefully clutched the little seeds they had.

You Yu and Zhu Niang placed the seeds in a tightly sealed bag. They want to return later and dig some hole to plant them in the open space next to the dormitory.

“The one I planted is undoubtedly the best one,” Hua Lan exclaimed.

In this kindergarten, he is the only plant cub. He’ll lose the face of the vine if he can’t even keep this plant alive.

Another cub was almost as enthusiastic as Hua Lan when he saw the seeds. That cub was Yuan Jiu, who loves to eat seeds.

He longed to put this small, fragrant seed in his mouth and swallow it as soon as he saw it.

Yuan Jiu had eaten the cabbage seeds and rice that Xu Qiu had given him previously.

It’s all because of the delicious food Xu Qiu cooked. The seeds were buried in his cheeks, and he accidentally ate them all when he drank the porridge.

Yuan Jiu could only hold back his temptation to eat the seeds as the other cubs diligently guarded the seeds.

Although the seeds produced by the system have always been guaranteed, considering the germination rate and subsequent growth of the seeds, Xu Qiu gave each cub six seeds.

Yuan Jiu gazed for a moment before quietly pecking a seed while no one was looking.

Wheat seeds, unlike cabbage seeds and rice, have a different flavour and a different vitality energy.

He couldn’t stop himself from eating another.

This time, Yuan Jiu was caught.

You Yu, who had previously had disagreements with Yuan Jiu, gave a small report: “Principal, Yuan Jiu just ate the wheat seeds.”

What, the stupid bird actually ate the seeds. Hua Lan’s expression suddenly became super fierce, and his little vine began to wave uncontrollably.

Xu Qiu rushed forward and put an end to the fast-paced conflict.

She asked Yuan Jiu: “Why are you eating the seeds?” Yuan Jiu raised his head, his round eyes staring obstinately at Xu Qiu.

He wanted to say that because the seeds were too fragrant and he couldn’t hold back.

But inexplicably, he couldn’t speak.

“Give me your hand. How many seeds are left?” Xu Qiu asked Yuan Jiu.

Only four seeds remained on Yuan Jiu’s wings as he stretched them out.

Xu Qiu’s hand fell.

Yuan Jiu was actually quite small, about the same size as a couple of Xu Qiu slaps. He unconsciously closes his eyes.

Yuan Jiu straightened his face, expecting to be beaten up at any moment.

After all, when the childcare worker had the chance, they would want to pluck his feathers.

As a result, something fell and rolled around on his wings a few times.

 Yuan Jiu opened his eyes to discover two more seeds on his wings, making his total six like the other cubs.

“If the seeds are eaten, there will be no way for the seeds to germinate and grow up,” Xu Qiu says with a pleasant smile. ” You’ve planted them well, and when they’re ready to harvest, they’ll produce some stunning wheat. Per plant, there are over a hundred wheat seeds. You can have additional seeds if you like.”

She went on to say: “I didn’t mention the precautions previously, but I’ve clarified them now. There will be no compensation if the seeds are lost.”

Yuan Jiu was taken aback and stared blankly at her.

Xu Qiu rises: “Okay, there will be a 20-minute break in between classes. Everyone can take care of their seeds.”

Yuan Jiu was the cub who rushed out of the classroom the quickest. A hole was drilled in the dormitory according to the depth Xu Qiu drew on the blackboard.

“One, two…six”

Yuan Jiu hid all the seeds that made him want to eat them in the soil and watered them.

It’s not for the sake of honour.

He can receive additional delicious seeds when his seeds germinate and grow well.

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