The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 5.2

She didn’t want to cry since, aside from the weakness she had just expressed, it was pointless.

What matters is that she wishes to show something…

“Jingrui, what should I do?” Cheng Luoxun gripped the man’s sleeve in horror when she saw Jiang Shining actually start calling the police.

In order to defend her children, the frail yet strong white lotus heroine took advantage of an occasion to deal mercilessly with her wicked female partner. Isn’t this a straightforward plot? Why did the ruthless female partner call the cops?

“It’s okay, Luoluo, that’s okay.” Xiu Jingrui held her in her arms and comforted her. “She’s putting herself in this situation. You were knocked down by her. You’re still a pregnant woman. She will undoubtedly pay the legal penalty.”

Cheng Luoxun hesitated to speak, but ultimately decided against speaking the truth.

The police arrived soon, and the three of them were in the police car in less than five minutes. Two cars were carefully separated them in order to prevent the dispute from developing.

In the police car, Jiang Shining checked on the company Xiu Jingrui was talking about, and it came out that something had happened.

This media company comes in ninth place. It employs several well-known performers and invests in films occasionally. It is stable and does not have any hype or publicity. Most of its income comes from the company’s still-working artists.

It may be said that the income generated by these artists has helped to fund the company and other new artists who have yet to make their mark.

If they switch employment, it would be a major setback for the company.

Jiang Shining’s face had darkened. This is clearly a society where domineering presidents coexist with little text in the entertainment business.

Those robots didn’t dare to tell her. They even covered up the company and hadn’t given her any hints last year.

Jiang Shining only realised the facts today, so she had to refresh her phone to see the relevant company information.

Jiang Shining followed up on her previous investigation of Xiu Jingrui and Cheng Luoxun and discovered that Xiu Jingrui was a member of the Tianxia Longteng Group.

Even Jiang Shining, who doesn’t pay attention to this, has heard of this enormous corporation. It encompasses a wide range of businesses and is a market leader in areas such as real estate, entertainment, and banking.

This is a family enterprise, and Xiu Jia is at the leadership. Xiu Jia’s sons control their various sectors, with Xiu Jingrui coming in third with financial affairs.

Cheng Luoxun is a lot more normal. She comes from a typical family. Scouts discovered her and placed her in the entertainment industry. She had a minor heat a few years ago because of a certain TV show. Later, she retired. It is reported on the Internet that she married into a wealthy family.

Cheng Luoxun could be described as Cinderella who met the true, wealthy, and gorgeous bachelor with diamonds and gold rims. Cheng Luoxun should be the heroine who will be hot in the future, according to Jiang Shining’s experience.

This IQ… is just good for here, and she won’t be able to survive a chapter if she switches to another world.

The three of them arrived at the police station. The police, on the other hand, had already forwarded the tape to the station. The cops are quite kind to the three of them since, unlike the unreasonable ruffians, they are very temperamental.

First, both sides provided oral narratives, with Cheng Luoxun crying like raindrops on a pear blossom and Xiu Jingrui recounting his grievances with the original Jiang Ranran even more passionately and angrily.

No way, no matter how reasonable the president seems when he meets the one who bullied the heroine, he will come out on top.

On the other hand, Jiang Shining was much quieter. Xiu Jingrui had pushed her and she couldn’t let it go to waste. She was the one who had to dig the hole for him.

When she recorded her confession, she squeezed her lips tolerantly, as if she hadn’t recovered from the shock. Jiang Shining is also regarded as a Palace Fight winner in some ways, and her acting abilities are diverse.

A drop of tears ran down from the corner of her eyes after the dictation, which was enough to make everyone sad.

She was an orphan in her life, alone, and she endured this kind of disaster as a result of the surveillance footage. The police were investigating the matter, but Xiu Jingrui was fed up with it since he continued to claim that Jiang Shining had pushed his own girlfriend.

The two parties were summoned after the confession was recorded, and a police officer showed the video to the three of them.

From a slow-motion perspective, Cheng Luoxun stretched out to push or grasp Jiang Shining, but the latter dodged her. Cheng Luoxun collapsed on the shelf by herself, with a space of more than ten centimetres between them, while Xiu Jingrui reached out and shoved Jiang Shining, which was true.

“Look, Ms. Cheng’s actions created a collision, and you, Mr. Xiu, shoved Ms. Jiang.” The policeman said patiently, “Although the evidence is solid, no one was hurt in this incident. You may settle it in private. If you have to carry out, Ms. Cheng and Mr. Xiu, you will be detained for a while.”

Detention? Longteng Jia’s third son has been detained. If this matter spreads out, do he want to face it? Xiu Jingrui’s face turned black, and Cheng Luoxun was so frightened that she kept telling him she didn’t know.

“Of course, this matter mainly depends on Ms. Jiang’s wishes.” The cops remarked pleasantly. “Young people are angry, but pushing women is never a good idea. Mr. Xiu, if you sincerely apologize to Ms. Jiang, isn’t it over?”

Xiu Jingrui’s teeth are about to be crushed, and he knows Jiang Ranran is waiting for him to bow his head at this precise moment.

“I don’t accept reconciliation,” Jiang Shining said, “even if they are detained for one day, I want them punished.”

Xiu Jingrui’s eyes fell on Jiang Shining, he saw the disgust in Jiang Shining ‘s eyes.

“Young Master Xiu believes that women all across the world admire him. It’s time to take care of it.”

“Jiang Ranran, I beg you, it’s all my fault. Don’t you want to drag Jingrui into the water, okay?” Cheng Luoxun’s tears fell. “Let me be detained by myself. Please take care of the face of my pregnancy. …”

“What are you talking about, Luoluo?” Xiu Jingrui frowned and said, “People make mistakes. You don’t want to tell them because you’re afraid. Why would I abandon you? We are blessed and enjoy the same difficulties.”

Cheng Luoxun was deeply moved, while Jiang Shining felt as if she were witnessing a love movie.

This style can be considered unique.

“Mr. Xiu came outside and said it was his father.” The policeman said, “He is here to reconcile. Let him come here?”

“Let Mr. Xiu come in.”

Xiu Jingrui’s face grew pale as he heard these words.

“… Luoluo, you will see my father in a moment, don’t say you are pregnant.” With the root of his teeth, he squeaked out this sentence.

Cheng Luoxun was taken aback. What about a good husband-wife relationship?

Jiang Shining sat in a chair, curious about the demons and spirits that haunted this wealthy family.

Xiu Jingrui immediately got up and stood up when the door was opened. He seemed to be afraid of his father. He was just being overbearing to the president, and now he’s sweating profusely.

Jiang Shining took a closer look at the door.

She noticed a man in a dark suit and trench coat approaching slowly. His black hair is brushed to one side, and he appears to be in his 30s or 40s.

He has a tall nose and deep eyes. Those eyes are scary and inhuman. And he has a terrible pressure that may make people believe that he is not the company boss, but rather the gang boss in Hong Kong movies.

He gently removed his black gloves, examining his third son and the woman coldly. Finally, he fixed his gaze on Jiang Shining.

The man’s placid eyes finally lifted in surprise, and Jiang Shining’s countenance reflected this.

“Jiang Shining?!” The man raised his voice incredulously.

Jiang Shining finally realised why Xiu Jingrui appeared to be a familiar face.

His father was Chu Haoli. Jiang Shining and this bastard had fought in the Palace Fight World for almost twenty years.

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