The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 6.1

When Chou Haoli – or rather, Xiu Lingfei was five years old, he crossed over. In that year, a youngster named Xiu Lingfei became severely ill, and his soul died, so Chou Haoli soul took over Xiu Lingfei’s body.

Xiu Lingfei did not lose his memories. He still remembered the events of his prior life. However, the events of his previous life seemed to him to be more like someone else’s tale in his head, with no sense of reality.

He can only learn to remember what happened at the same age in his prior life as he grows older.

Xiu Jia was originally a powerful family, and the corporation was led by the late emperor who grew up with modern elite training. Although Xiu Lingfei was not the eldest son, he built an empire at an early age and rose to the top of several large enterprises.

His thinking in his prior life led him to believe that he could rule the country, but his upbringing in this new era taught him it was nearly impossible and would be incredibly costly whether or not he succeeded.

Even after abandoning his quest for world dominance, Xiu Lingfei couldn’t help but revert to his old habits in some respects. Tianxia Longteng, for example, was the name of the company he founded. And he later had several sons, all of whom were born during the imperial Jing generation. (TL* His company’s meaning can be summed up as the whole China is in the dragon’s (as in, emperor) palm.)

In accordance with his past life, his method of raising children is similar to the emperor’s: Each child is allocated to a ‘territory’ company, and the most promising of them will inherit his economic empire in the future.

Until three years ago, Xiu Lingfei came across an antique book and discovered that the context and characters were identical to those in his former existence. His final years were almost entirely spent in a battle of wits with Jiang Shining, Jing Yuan, the mother, and the son.

In the last few years of his life, he suffered from various illnesses. Jiang Shining was promoted to imperial consort, clearing half of the harem and his son controlling the other remaining half.

However, there was a moment when he was involved with another concubine. He recalled her. He adored her as if he was smitten for so long that year. Jiang Shining was executed for framing him when she was still Xiao Fei.

Xiu Lingfei even suspected that the concubine had been reborn in this world as well, and that she had written this book out of her own rage, although some of the psychological descriptions of him and the previous generation of grudges are only clear to him.

He then had a guess in his mind.

Regardless, Xiu Lingfei seemed to have let go of his previous life.

Among his children, the third son, Xiu Jingrui, has a bright brain, but he also has love in his head, and when he meets a woman, he can’t think straight.

He knew it had something to do with women again as soon as he heard that the guy had been held by the police. Xiu Lingfei originally wanted to personally come over and use this matter to knock his son, but he had not expected to meet Jiang Shining here.

The woman in front of him is no longer as immortal or gorgeous as she once was.

She had thin eyebrows and phoenix eyes with the lonely and noble aspect of a white lotus flower, and such a solitary expression occasionally made for the tiniest attractive demeanor that no guy could resist.

Even if the two had broken up to this point, Xiu Lingfei wants Jiang Shining to die with him, even if he dies of disease while seeing his most despised son take over the country.

But the result is that when they meet again, his mind is not about the two people tearing their faces off, but about her shocked face.

She was not as strikingly gorgeous in this existence as she had been in her previous one. But those brows are still there, and her aura and aloofness appear to have remained unchanged.

“What brings you here?” His brow wrinkled.

“I was planning on asking you. I really didn’t expect to be unlucky enough to still see you here!” Jiang Shining replied harshly.

From the sidelines, Xiu Jingrui and Cheng Luoxun were observing, and the more they looked, the more they realised they were mistaken.

What’s up with the feeling of former lovers reuniting and torn each other faces?

“Father, do you …… you and this evil woman know each other?” Xiu Jingrui asked respectfully, and his voice became softer.

This is the only option to get out of the deadlock.

Xiu Lingfei averted his gaze and turned to face his son.

“What the hell is going on?” He asked coldly.

“It goes something like this, Mr. Xiu……”Mr. Police briefed him on the situation and showed him the video.

“This is what happened, and now Miss Jiang refuses to consent to a private settlement. I notice you’re both people of status. Do you want to discuss it again? If you can’t bring everyone together, they’ll have to be imprisoned under the law.”

Xiu Lingfei returned his gaze to Jiang Shining.

“How do you guys know each other?”

Jiang Shining sat back in the chair, crossed her legs, and raised her hand casually.

“Ask your son. How do I know I’m stuck with a sociopath like this?”

She also made a point of mocking a line at the end: “Xiu Lingfei, how did you raise this son to be like this? Fortunately, your family does not own a throne that is waiting to be inherited. Otherwise, the world would laugh at you.”

Think about her Jing Yuan, although not born by her, but brought up by her back then. The robots told her after she died and departed that world that Jing Yuan had grown into a brilliant king who had worked hard his entire life.

He and Jing Xuan collaborated to make the world a happier and more peaceful place to live.

“How dare you speak to my father like that, Jiang Shining?” Xiu Jingrui remarked severely, with a frown.

“Shut up.” Xiu Ling Fei was irritated. He returned his gaze to Jiang Shining, his tone softening somewhat. “This is a delicate and complicated situation. Ningning, let’s discuss it in private first, okay? Taking advantage of the resources of your police colleagues is never a good idea.”

Jiang Shining’s goosebumps went up when she heard Xiu Ling Fei call her name – she had no idea how he managed to call out like that, and with how they ended up in the end, he could still act as if nothing happened, truly befitting of a vicious person who can bend and stretch.

“OK. Let your son go to be detained, and we two will go out to talk,” Jiang Shining said with a smile.

“Jiang Shining.” Xiu Lingfei’s brows wrinkled.

“Comrade police, he threatened me.” Jiang Shining turned her head and said.

Heh, still think it’s the era of men’s 9-5 supremacy? And believe that the world revolves around him, that he can do whatever he wants.

Jiang Shining is the victim, and even though she is not hurt, if she refuses to settle it in private, the other party can be detained for five days and a fine of two thousand yuan can be enforced. Xiu Lingfei did not want to stay in the police station any longer. Shame was not enough for him to lose.

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