I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 37.6

The episode of “My Voice, My Show” in which You Qiuqiu appeared as a guest star was not delayed, and it aired a week later as planned.

The program group published a Weibo before the show aired. Due to specific circumstances, this episode was much shorter than previous episodes.

Everyone on the internet understands.

The specific reason refers to the fact that the player handed Tao Anjie a drink, and You Qiuqiu eventually drank the entire bottle and was taken to the hospital without making a sound.

The ratings directly doubled from previous periods on the day the show was broadcast.

When You Qiuqiu was originally invited as a guest by “My Voice, My Show,” many netizens thought it was strange that a death singer came to be a guest.

Is it really okay?

However, after something went wrong, netizens relaxed their requirements. After all, You Qiuqiu is a miserable person who was shot while lying down.

With this mindset, netizens are no longer unsatisfied with You Qiuqiu, and they discover something by accident while watching the show.

Whoops? You Qiuqiu is a bit good.

Why does she take the initiative to sing by herself? Isn’t she aware that her singing isn’t very good?

The faces of the players and mentor were specially captured in the later stages, and everyone’s shocked performance could be described as very real.

The players and the mentor’s face made the netizens amused.

You Qiuqiu unremitting black herself. The sentence “I am confident as a guest” directly puts the question under the sun, and she dares to laugh at herself.

“After watching “My Voice, My Show” I think You Qiuqiu’s EQ is so high.”

“The mood was quite tense. I couldn’t stop laughing like a fool when You Qiuqiu opened her mouth. What kind of adorableness is this? It’s hilarious.”

“You Qiuqiu, a little expert in the atmosphere √.”

“I saw You Qiuqiu’s face on the show, and she was so good-looking that I didn’t want to blink when I saw her, so in other words, why is she so gorgeous yet so sand-sculpted?”

“Is it just me who notices that You Qiuqiu drink the promoted beverage? I’ve watched this drink eight hundred times. I’ve seen other artists drink it at every performance, but I’m not interested in trying it myself. Looking at You Qiuqiu had already drank more than half of a bottle make me dashed out the door to a convenience store and purchased one.”

The camera captured You Qiuqiu drinking the beverage at that time. It was modified and included in the feature film after some discussion.

The video of You Qiuqiu drinking the sponsored beverage also drew a lot of attention on the internet.

“By the way…Is this the drink that the garbage contestant added something to Tao Anjie?”

This incident was really too unpleasant. The drink that has been hanging with the news is eye-catching, but now the bottle of boosted drink was drunk vigorously by You Qiuqiu.

An insider came out and revealed: This is the bottle of beverage! And because You Qiuqiu drank too much, there was not much left, almost not enough to identify the ingredients.


All the ingredients are added. You Qiuqiu is still drinking so happily. Is this drink truly so good?

Netizens said one after another: I want to try.

Just like the last netizen who observed You Qiuqiu having a drink and couldn’t wait to buy a bottle of it at the convenience store.

Want to drink.

The dealers did not expect that the lukewarm drinks they had been selling were actually the largest prize of this event because of the excessive drinking of You Qiuqiu.

The author has something to say:

 Leading actor: Don’t squeeze your throat and pretend to be a girl.

Qiuqiu:??? I don’t need to pretend, I am a girl!

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