The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 20.1

The space in kindergarten is limited, and the cubs’ desks are their dining tables.

The green vegetable and lean meat porridge, beautiful small snacks, are enough for gluttons to eat, and today’s pancakes are even more appetizing.

They are starving to death after being hungry for a day, and they can sense the smell even if they consume that kind of dry bread.

The gluttonous worms in the two men’s guts turned up and down as they saw the cubs eat, and it was heart-wrenching and tormenting.

Donald is doing fine. He had something to eat the day before and could hardly keep it down. Joan’s face looked hideous, and he wanted to swallow his tongue because he was so hungry.

“Good-hearted girl, please give me two bites.” Donald begged pitifully when the cubs were almost through eating.

Whoever fights with an empty stomach is a fool. He didn’t agree with Joan’s behaviour the day before, but he couldn’t help himself because the other person was an elder.

Xu Qiu should have heard his plea earlier if she could understand what they were saying.

Xu Qiu, gave nothing this time and instead asked the cubs to tape their mouths together.

Xu Qiu placed the two humanoid sand sculptures on the right side of the podium after the lunch break and then handed out paper and pens to each of the cubs.

“This afternoon in art class, the teacher will show you how to sketch.”

She intended to teach the fundamentals, but understanding the fundamentals is a tedious process for children.

However, because this type of unmoving mannequin is uncommon, she must make the most use of her resources and avoid wasting them.

After all, hiring professional models to paint is costly, and the cubs can’t stand the discomfort of being immobile.

Both of them were frowning.

Xu Qiu sketched two sketches on paper before stepping down from the podium to observe the cubs’ paintings.

When Xu Qiu reached nearer to You Yu, she paused for a moment.

You Yu’s painting is superb, she doesn’t know if it’s because the mermaid is a natural artist.

Xu Qiu attended hobby classes as a child and was trained by a special teacher as an adult, but her talent was ordinary, and she could only describe herself as purely skilled and full of craftsmanship.

You Yu’s sketch is unique; it exudes an aura.

In fact, the type of sketch that completely reproduces the human form gives the impression that the drawing is exceptionally impressive at first glance.

The expression is vibrant and genuine, and the grasp is in place.

You Yu painted seriously. Xu Qiu’s footsteps were light, and she was afraid when she was almost finished painting.

Her pen dragged a long scratch on the snow-white drawing paper by accident.

You Yu’s eye circles turned red on the spot. Xu Qiu hurriedly took out an eraser and said, “It’s okay, use this.”

“Look, fill in the missing spots,” she said as she gently helped You Yu wipe away the extra traces. “Does it look the same as it did before?”

You Yu was taken aback, staring at the round bunny-shaped eraser, convinced that what Xu Qiu had taken out was extremely amazing.

“Principal, what is this?”

“It’s an eraser,” Xu Qiu said as she placed the eraser in You Yu’s palm. This can be used to erase things drawn with a pencil. However, it can only remove the pencil’s traces.”

She took out another tiny picture with landscapes, rivers, and a running child, and used a black ink pen to leave a trace on the lovely artwork.

When You Yu expressed sorrow, she added a few more strokes to the painting and transformed it into a kite string with a kite attached.

“Just because something goes wrong doesn’t mean it’s a bad result. As things are, there is still time to fix them. We are a little manly. We shouldn’t easily cry the next time we come across something, okay?”

You Yu still didn’t understand. She looked at the two paintings and finally nodded solemnly.

Each of the ten cubs has a different level of ability.

Some people, like You Yu, are big shots, while others can only paint scrawled stickmen.

Xu Qiu is continually encouraged and praised from many perspectives.

She used the boiled rice paste from the back of the classroom to glue You Yu’s picture on the classroom wall when it was time to collect the beautiful work.

Xu Qiu cleared a clean, open space, painted a red square grid, and wrote some characters:

She blasted a bunch of rainbow farts to applaud the bashful little mermaid and made You Yu’s face flush when she commented on the drawing paper. The blush on her face could not be removed by the end of the meal.

Xu Qiu also presented You Yu with the rabbit eraser as a prize in front of the cubs.

There were only two erasers in the painting package, and the only one was given to You Yu.

But when she makes more money, she will definitely prepare better for each cub.

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