The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 6.2

When the two were ready to be temporarily arrested, something unexpected happened. Cheng Luoxun leapt to his feet and snatched Xiu Lingfei’s arm.

“Mr. Xiu, Jingrui and I are in love, so please don’t get mad at him because of me. And I’m pregnant—,” Cheng Luoxun cried.


Cheng Luoxun had already spoken the truth.

Xiu Lingfei’s face was gloomy at first, but slowly, the corners of his mouth formed an arc.

The most appealing period is when a man is in his early forties. He is more lovely than his own son, with such a small smile.

“Ms. Cheng, do you know what a good house is, right?” He whispered, “Every woman on the planet can become pregnant. What distinguishes you from others?”

Cheng Luoxun’s cheeks became flushed.

Xiu Lingfei smirked as he gazed at Xiu Jingrui once more.

“Xiu Jingrui, after we come out, let’s have a good chat.”

For the time being, Xiu Lingfei is unconcerned about this unlucky son. He wants to know how Jiang Shining, his dead opponent, has appeared here.

They left the police station together. Fortunately, he could move quickly enough. There were no reporters on the scene because the incident drew no attention. A black Rolls Royce was parked on the opposite side of the road.

“Take my car, and we’ll find a quiet spot to discuss.” Xiu Lingfei expressed his thoughts.

Jiang Shining didn’t pay attention and stepped straight into the car with him. She wasn’t terrified in the first place; she’d increased her strength to the point where she wouldn’t lose in a battle with a man or two.

When they sat in the back row without speaking, the atmosphere was a little awkward. Xiu Lingfei gave Jiang Shining a sidelong glance.

Today she is dressed in a beige jacket with a tied waistline around her slim waist, which he appears to be able to hold comfortably. The windbreaker’s collarbone button was not completely fastened, but she wore a tiny silk scarf around her neck, giving her an elegant and educated appearance.

Xiu Lingfei, was no longer fooled by her appearance. Jiang Shining had just worked every step in her prior life for the last few years. They used each other to keep each other in check, and her calm and rationality were on par with a man’s.

The emperor has been affectionate since ancient times. He should not love anyone in this life, especially his wife. His sentiments for Jiang Shining, on the other hand, were even more distorted. It was love twisted by his obsessive drive for control, hatred motivated by love, and a strong dislike for her. He had utterly lost the previous life’s game to this rather scheming woman. It’s still difficult to relax when he meets her again in this world.

It’s just that he still doesn’t want to take Jiang Shining to an isolated location and deal with this directly. A Rolls Royce was parked downstairs in a branch of P City Tianxia Longteng branch company. When the big boss arrived at the door, the person in charge was so nervous that his legs went numb.

Jiang Shining adjusted her sunglasses and followed Xiu Lingfei into the office. Xiu Jia’s industry deserves to be a leader. Any branch office is breathtaking. They are respectfully conveyed to management, who are surrounded by a large group of individuals. There is a quiet conference room available for discussion.

Xiu Lingfei urged everyone to leave the meeting room when the two entered.

 “Now we can talk.” Xiu Lingfei said.

Jiang Shining removed her sunglasses and turned to face Xiu Lingfei.

“Chu Haoli, since you are in this world, how about Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan? Have you seen them?” Jiang Shining asked.

Xiu Lingfei’s face darkened instantly.

“Don’t worry… I’m not going to look for them.” He stated coldly, “I would have strangled them myself if they had been my sons.”

Jiang Shining’s face also became icy. She knew he would.

“It’s better.” She said, “If I knew you hurt them, I would never let you go.”

“I’ll wait and see.” Xiu Lingfei sneered.

Xiu Lingfei’s face darkened even more when Jiang Shining picked up her bag and was about to go.

“You stop me!” Xiu Lingfei jumped out, from calm to angry. He said coldly, “This is your attitude? Without your two beloved sons, you wouldn’t even bother to put on the act?”

“Is there anything else we need to discuss?” Jiang Shining shook her head angrily and stated, “We are enemies. You nearly murdered me twice and three times in that life due to different little infractions. Later, Jing Yuan and I were together. I shook you off, and you eventually let me take poison to accompany you to your death—after all, we aren’t good people. I am as small as you and hold grudges. Since we are all ordinary people in this life, it’s best to keep the well water from the river water. I will be disgusted when I see you.”

(TL* keep the well water from the river water = everyone minds their own business)

“Do you believe it’ll be so simple?” Xiu Lingfei scowled and said, “Even though we live in a modern world, the wealthy and powerful still remain. I’m still a high-class individual. So, how about you? Your small, shattered entertainment company will be left with nowhere to go if I simply ban your artists!”

Jiang Shining came to a halt for a moment, unsure of the company she was holding.

Xiu Lingfei is a smart person. He immediately said, “Sure enough, it hasn’t been a long time since you came here, and you don’t even know who you are. You are alone. Still want to fight with me? Jiang Shining, if you admit defeat, I think it’s not impossible to help you with our past feelings.”

“Admit defeat? Impossible! Do you believe that everyone wants to be a slave? Who cares about your charitable efforts? Chu Haoli, I tell you, there is no problem with your commercial methods, but it is best not to annoy me, or I will contact the police,” Jiang Shining sneered.

She may be a Scorpio, but she has a grudge against someone. She’ll remember those years for the rest of her life. For example, when she was framed by other concubines, Xiu Lingfei let her kneel all day just because she dropped a cup.

She had to follow the rules of the world, so killing the dog emperor as the empress was obviously impossible. Who will have anything to do with him in this life after she has spent so many years winning the victory? She doesn’t want to be abused.

Jiang Shining took the bag and walked away.

The dog emperor… No, dog man!

With mixed emotions in his heart, Xiu Lingfei glanced at her back and gently caressed her chin.

That year, the two of them finally showed their true colours, and she began drinking the poison every day to irritate him.

She hasn’t changed, to be sure.

Still that donkey temper.

The author has something to say: Let me tell you, the possibilities of these male protagonists becoming true male protagonists are low, considering the female protagonist herself claims not to be a M : D

The male lead has not been decided yet, because there is no male lead in the plot and it is very full. Soon, even the male lead may not be able to appear on the scene. After all, there are still hungry children.

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