I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 38.1

You Qiuqiu is great.

Even a minor occurrence like this can create a storm of beverages.

Many people came into You Qiuqiu’s Weibo after seeing the clip of You Qiuqiu drinking beverages. It unexpectedly piqued their interest in the drink, and they couldn’t help but buy a bottle and try it.

They also wish to comfort You Qiuqiu, who was shot while lying down by mistake.

The netizens became disoriented after flocking to Weibo.

They had a similar reaction as Xingqiu had when they first viewed You Qiuqiu’s video.

Handsome guy. Who are you?!

This is strange because the most gorgeous female celebrity who appears in the video while talking with her voice is a charming baritone. This combination… it’s a little weird!

There isn’t a single scene in which the female artist is sad and sighing. She didn’t even make any sorrowful posts. She can also use this circumstance to gain more fans, as everyone is sympathetic to her situation.

You Qiuqiu’s painting style, on the other hand, is weird and joyous, with no negative emotions.


For the time being, I’m not sure if I should speak words of consolation to her.

Someone responded to the remark.

“I know this question. You Qiuqiu used to help fruit growers sell citrus fruits and eat herself till she turned yellow. That’s how they are playing.””

“When I see You Qiuqiu and her fans, I laugh out loud. Do you have any idea what You Qiuqiu’s fans have been up to? They sent You Qiuqiu singing to the ghost animal area, claiming she is a big boss in a woman’s clothes. Go and see!”

There is also a link at the bottom of the sentence.

After the netizens rushed in and watched the video, tears and laughter burst out.

They were both immersed in thought at the same time. What was going on with the female artist, You Qiuqiu, and what was going on with her fans.

Are you sure they are not fake fans?

Sending your favourite artists to the ghost animal area, together with the keywords of a big boss in woman’s cloth, does not appear to be anything a loyal fan can do.

But happiness is happiness. Thank you, they laughed a lot.

Jiang Tao told you Qiuqiu that she was on fire at station b and had millions of video views.

Jiang Tao is still a highly qualified assistant who frequently looks for You Qiuqiu-related keywords.

“What is the video?” You Qiuqiu asked. Is she going to be on fire? There are millions of people, and it appears to be quite powerful.

Is it possible that it’s a screenshot of the ancient martial arts’ tidbits?

“The video of your singing…” Jiang Tao told You Qiuqiu.

You Qiuqiu said, “Oh.” It turned out to be like this, so everyone thinks she sings very well now?

You Qiuqiu has been surrounded by the rainbow farts of Shi Jing and Jiang Tao since her voice became a baritone, and fans have also said that she sung wonderfully on Weibo. You Qiuqiu was crazy when she learned about this attribute. She recorded a lot of songs. Seize the opportunity! Seize the opportunity!

She simply did not expect that the number of people watching the video would be in the millions.

The death singer, who has been tormented for a long time, was overjoyed to learn that her singing video has been viewed millions of times.

I’m healthy, and I’m in a good mood.

She noticed the large “Big Boss in Woman’s Clothes” in the title when she leaned over.

You Qiuqiu:???

A closer look at the barrage makes it even more fun.

“I honestly can’t tell that this big boss is dressed in woman’s clothes. This is very strong.”

“Give this boss flowers; I am a woman who isn’t as good as a man and am speechless.”

“I’d like to know if the Big Boss in Woman’s Clothes in the video has any contact information, such as Weibo. I’m a fan of women’s clothing as well, and I’d like to learn from him and share my experiences.”

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