The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 20.2

Zhu Niang, who has the best relationship with You Yu, gave out an envious look straightforwardly: “This eraser is so cute, you are too good.”

You Yu gripped the eraser tightly in her hand, which was somewhat sweaty. It’s the first time she’s won a prize that no one else has received. She will definitely work hard to cherish it.

“Actually, actually, it’s not that good,” she said softly.

Yuan Jiu was going to respond that there was nothing special, but then he remembered the pictures he had painted and looked at the You Yu paintings on the wall.

Even if he has no aesthetic ability, it can be seen that You Yu’s paintings are much stronger than his.

Xu Qiu used her spare time to deal with the remaining two people after sending the cubs all to bed.

She brought out two bowls of plain white porridge and placed them in front of the two men: “Would you like to eat it?”

The man who was hungry for a few meals nodded desperately: “Woo! (want to eat)”

The x-shaped tape stuck in the opponent’s mouth was removed by Xu Qiu.

She then knocked off the sand off the opponent’s upper torso while holding the little hoe.

Her hoe is tied to the owner, and the opponent cannot seize it.

“Look at you guys. Can you imagine being a kid and having to be fed?”

Jasper looked at her suspiciously. Can this woman be so kind?

Donald, on the other hand, couldn’t help himself any longer. He was dying of hunger, so he grabbed the porridge and downed it rapidly.

The rice produced by the system is quite tasty, even though it is merely regular white porridge.

Xu Qiu’s porridge is prepared fairly early in the morning. She cooked the rice in a huge pot at lunchtime and fished out the upper part. The rice porridge was boiled out of fragrant rice oil, and it tasted very thick.

Even though the porridge is cold, it has a delicious flavour.

Even those who don’t normally eat rice will find it quite appealing.

The person who hadn’t eaten in a long time was starving. Donald held up the bowl and drank a few sips, regardless of whether there was anything in it.

He still thought it wasn’t enough after drinking it. “If you don’t want to eat, I’ll eat it for you,” he said directly, looking at Joan’s bowl.

He can’t stop eating, even if it’s simply a bowl of porridge.

He glared at him, and with his two numb and soft hands, he took up the bowl and drank it cleanly.

Because their porridge is thinner than the cubs’, they are able to replenish much-needed water.

Joan tried to soften his tone this time: “It’s pointless if you leave us here. I have a daughter who is similar to you, and she is still waiting for me to go back for her birthday.”

“Did you ever think that my parents were waiting for me when you acted on me?” Xu Qiu asked indifferently. ” They love me just as much as your love your daughter.”

“But my plan is only to catch you and hurl you into the places where…the cubs stay,” Joan quibbled.

Xu Qiu and the cubs get along so well that she is unlikely to be harmed.

“You’re absolutely correct.” Joan showed a surprised expression, and the conversation turned, “That’s why you can still stand here alive.”

She would never let the other party live if they genuinely injured her.

“I don’t raise idlers here. Starting from tomorrow, you will use your own labour in exchange for your own food.”

Xu Qiu’s eyes were clear and bright, as if they were a mirror, reflecting all the darkness and grime away.

“You can try to see if you can leave this kindergarten without my permission.”

She made a gesture of slitting her throat: “Holding me out is of no use. After all, those children are definitely faster than you. From now on, these two bowls will belong to you. Tomorrow morning, I hope to see your value.”

She turned around and walked out of the classroom, leaving two individuals behind.

She believes that with their flexible hands, these two people will be able to flee soon.

Two big men, not cute cubs, let her take care of them without even thinking about it.

The two of them will help her plough the field, feed the chickens, shovel the shit, and fix the robot’s coolies before the kindergarten’s protection and attack levels were upgraded to two levels.

The two ultimately got their freedom when Xu Qiu was sleeping in her bedroom.

Their immediate thought was to flee.

The cubs are too frightening; they can’t defeat them, and it is impossible to provoke those people.

Their abilities are inferior to those of others, and they have no desire for vengeance.

There will be no retaliation, but they can flee!

The little girl is naïve, believing that threatening to utter a few words will compel them to obey, and that only the idiot will not flee if the cubs are not around.

All the paths from the classroom to the kindergarten’s outside are unrestricted.

They were taken aback as soon as they ran out.

Between the moonlight streaming on the land and the yellow sand, there was nothing.

What happened to the car? They parked here before, right?

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