The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 7.1

The book transmigrator and the book management centre have a specific relationship.

People who fix books are usually those who have died unexpectedly but refuse to die. They would willingly sign a partnership agreement with the management centre in order to commit themselves to the realm of books in order to complete assignments. To put it bluntly, the soul and awareness are what allow the managerial centre to connect.

As a result, Jiang Shi Ning’s spirit returned to the management centre that exists beyond time and space. The robots’ movements seemed to stiffen as she violently pushed open the door.

What type of person scares you the most? The most frightening are those who have died, who would rather not go to reincarnation and battle to survive on their own, and who have actually broken through the five ghostly gates. Every book transmigrator who completes retirement in the most difficult task is a great devil.

The one that came over is still inescapable. The robot in charge of Jiang Shi Ning flew over.

“You guys need to explain why that dog emperor showed up in this new world. Also, did you press some kind of identity on me once more?!”

There was no other option. The robot could only inform her that this world was made up of a collection of miniature bad novels.

“We can intervene and modify so much since this is a combined bad world. As for your identification, this actually has, has, has……,” the robot said nervously.

“This time, instead of becoming a mother to someone, you’re going to become a vicious woman?” Jiang Shi Ning made a sneering gesture.

The robot was deafeningly quiet and appeared embarrassed. Jiang Shi Ning had previously guessed something, and it was now disputing her thoughts.

“Because we believe in your ability…… as you can see, the plots and characters that come into this world will be a little more…… easy than what you have previously encountered. And there are no life-threatening situations,” the robot murmured, “so we secretly made this decision…… a year ago, we were afraid you may find this too revolting, so we didn’t dare to say.”

Jiang Shi Ning had had enough of having a fight with this situation. To be honest, she doesn’t have a choice; she died in the normal world, and if it weren’t for this quick transmigration book system, she might not exist at all.

She had come in a rush to argue about something else.

“What brought Chu Haoli here?”

“Because we give some characters who are not that vicious a second chance, and place them in a world where world order is more regulated.”

“In fact, the author is the character’s parents; the author has given the character their personality and ideals, and the character has no choice. We offered some of the original characters who died from the butterfly effect due to the world being changed by the book’s transmigrator another chance to live after a thorough examination of the security value.”

The hostility between Jiang Shi Ning and Xiu Lingfei makes her unable to look at him objectively, but forget it; it doesn’t matter to her anyway.

“If people like Chu Haoli are given a second chance, then-“

The robot sighed quietly before Jiang Shi Ning could continue her sentence.

“Of course, as you might expect. Your children are a part of that world as well. It’s just that we live in such a free world that we haven’t interfered too much with their development. This is how we compensate you,” the robot stated. “Do you think it’s acceptable?”

Jiang Shi Ning’s heart started racing. Since completing her goal, she had never felt as emotional or truly happy as she was right now.

What does it matter about the emperor and all that? Did her real family, her children, live in the same world as her? Jiang Shi Ning has a soft spot for them.

And not to mention those adult or teenage children of hers. She is actually anxious about her little daughter.

That daughter of hers was just picked up as a terrible ‘monster’ that was originally a final chapter boss at the beginning of the post-apocalyptic world. In fact, it was a small girl who had been accidentally mutated, and Jiang Shi Ning named her Guoguo because she liked apples. (TL* 果, Guo = Fruit.)

She was only four years old when she first picked it up, but the mutation grew with age and turned Guoguo into a terrifying monster.

In the end, Jiang Shi Ning found a recovery potion, led a small team of survivors to form a small army, and so the human race began to recover.

Guoguo is still a tiny girl, but she has a mission to perform, which is the required ‘death’ departure. Jiang Shi Ning is unlikely to be relieved even if she restores her form.

Even without speaking, the robot was able to decipher what she was thinking by looking at her.

“Miss Jiang, I understand your desire to find your family, but everyone enters that world at a different moment, with a different identity, and recalls the past at a different rate. As a result, I recommend that you simply let nature take its course.”

“Is it possible for you to tell me where Guoguo is? She is not an adult, unlike her brothers and sisters, and she is still dependent.” Jiang Shi Ning expressed her thoughts.

“Then we can keep working together. You can solve the problems in these small drama novels, and I’ll let you know where she is.” The robot spoke right away.

“Okay. But you have to be as open and transparent as you were before,” Jiang Shining said flatly. “Don’t do this kind of thing like hiding that company again.”

Both parties have achieved a tentative agreement. Jiang Shi Ning then discovered that the robots had packed her with several messed-up identity settings.

She was a rich girl who liked Xiu Jingrui, despised Cheng Luoxun, tripped over herself twice and thrice, and never changed, even when Xiu Jingrui treated her coldly.

Of course, none of this had anything to do with Jiang Shi Ning, but it was somehow pressed on her head, and the people concerned would believe that this vicious woman was her.

Jiang Shi Ning went to check on Chu Haoli after returning to her own world – oh no, in this life, his name is Xiu Lingfei. She went to find out more about Xiu Lingfei.

It is important to know oneself and one’s enemy. Some guys in other universes may reincarnate because he can. It would be OK if she were the only stranger in this world, but she does not want to lose to these guys now.

She has to admit that the old emperor still has two or three tricks up his sleeve. Tianxia Longteng Group is a huge, benchmark-like chain of businesses that covers a diverse range of industries.

Jiang Shi Ning then considers starting her own tiny media entertainment company, which cannot compete on a national level.

Ninglu Media was once committed to the development of a branching entertainment media company, but it has now shrunk to the size of a small company that supports a few small trainees who do not move out and relies on a few signed artists to support their families. It’s only that an old company logo is still attached to it.

To be honest, Ninglu Media is unable to help these artists. Some of them have a way out. If the contract expires, they will terminate it. Jiang Shining can also understand them.

It seems that the world has integrated into the entertainment industry. But no matter what, she has to take care of the company.

She had always despised Chu Haoli and believed that he was an emperor because he could point fingers at tens of thousands of people.

Now there is a real chance to show off. How can she be ashamed to look down on Chu Hao in the future if she doesn’t make this company the best in the industry? That simply proves that she was only interested in being pretty at first, and that she lacked his abilities entirely.

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