I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 38.2

“A godlike woman is not as good as a man. You are a woman.”

“Qiuqiu, your fans are too interesting. How could they think of you like this? Is this a real or a fake fan? I have a strong hunch that this is a new way for black fans to black you.”

You Qiuqiu felt that Jiang Tao was still too young.

Her fans are still yelling at Cub while frantically eating fried chicken in front of her, who want to lose weight.

Her fans aren’t like everyone else’s.

You Qiuqiu, is aware that they adore her. Xiaowei continues to press her to play the list every day. You Qiuqiu, have developed a habit. She goes to Weibo first thing every day when she wakes up to check the list herself.

“Wipe away the tears first,” You Qiuqiu said, handing Jiang Tao a tissue.

Jiang Tao grinned, but her eyes were already full of tears. You Qiuqiu how could you be so funny?

Then You Qiuqiu boarded into station b number, searched for the Big Boss in Woman’s Clothes video that Jiang Tao shared with her, silently clicked on the link, and took a screenshot of the video.

She observed the group owner shouting as she opened the fan club’s group.

 [Quickly, everyone go and share the cub’s video. Make this video a bit more popular. Cub rush forward! ]

You Qiuqiu, “…”

She shared the photo she had just screenshot with the group, and she received a lot of positive feedback.

That’s great. It’s a great addition to the cubs’ business!

Other fans want their brothers and sisters to be well known through the sky. Xingqiu has a simple wish: to increase the popularity of Qiu cub so that she has more opportunities to eat and earn money.

Fans nicknamed You Qiuqiu the “Big Boss in Woman’s Clothes,” which drew a lot of attention to this sand sculpture artist and her sand sculpture fans.

You Qiuqiu is not annoyed by this kind of ridicule and jokes. Jiang Tao has known You Qiuqiu for quite some time and has never seen her angry.

Jiang Tao, who had a decent temper, was unsure if she could get along in the circle.

Fortunately, her fans like her, and she has the company behind her.

“Many people think you sing well and that you should record an album.” Jiang Tao said.

You Qiuqiu switched from a small, milky voice to a low, charming baritone by accident. This transformation come as a surprise, but she has suddenly improved her vocal skills. Before, the death singer’s singing could be compared to both heaven and the underground.

You Qiuqiu is high-spirited.

She even found Sheng Shiyun.

“Mr. Sheng, netizens have commented on how much better my singing has gotten; is it possible to release an album?” 

When Sheng Shiyun heard You Qiuqiu say this, his mind only came out — Is it because you floated, or because I can’t hold the knife anymore. (TL* It means “you owe a clean up”)

You Qiuqiu doesn’t actually have to make an album. Even if everyone thinks it sounds good, she isn’t professional. However, taking advantage of this voice, can she order more meals?

After all, the charming baritone is only limited by the season.

Sheng Shiyun said, “Netizens still say that you are a Big Boss in Women’s Clothe.”

You Qiuqiu, “You know all about it!”

She was taken aback because she had assumed Mr. Sheng would never look at the people at station b.

“Are you being a little too happy on the Internet? It is not good for you to fool your resources…”

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