The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 21.1

Xu Qiu slept in and got up early the next day because the workload was much lighter.

The second day was still rainy, but it was different from the previous day.

It had rained the day before, but it had cleared by afternoon, and the moonlight was still bright and glittering at night.

Today’s rain is really heavy, the sky is dark, and there is no shadow of the sun at all.

The dense clouds occasionally flashed with lightning, thunder, and even spherical lightning, which rolled across the wasteland outside the kindergarten.

A rainstorm erupted in front of Xu Qiu’s eyes, and a rock on a nearby tiny hill was immediately sliced off.

Xu Qiu’s biological clock normally runs about six o’clock. She wakes up accurately as long as she doesn’t go to bed late. As a result, she was woken up by this loud thunder when she saw the system telling the time.

The sand was wetted during yesterday’s brief rain, and it was rapidly dried in the afternoon.

Today when rain falls on the sand, the sand that was formerly blown by the wind has changed into a slow-moving liquid. It will undoubtedly trigger a landslide if it is positioned beneath a hill.

The kindergarten has barriers in place to keep the building dry. It’s just that the sight of lightning and thunder is quite frightening.

She stepped out wearing slippers, opened the dormitory door, silently opened a slit, and looked inside without changing her pyjamas.

Fortunately, the cubs are still sleeping, and the thunder and lightning did not wake them up.

Because the weather on the barren star fluctuated so much, the cubs rest in earlier than she did and had become adapted to the harsh conditions.

Only Bai Sa was more sensitive than the others. When Xu Qiu opened the door, he looked at her with his eyes wide open.

Xu Qiu put her finger on her lips and made a “quiet” gesture when she saw the opened lovely pupils of various colours.

The cat closed his eyes again, and Xu Qiu quietly shut the door.

The cubs are also exhausted from yesterday’s class and require plenty of rest.

She walked through the classroom on her way out and took a quick look inside. The two men had not stayed in it.

Xu Qiu took a nap briefly. The rain had not ceased when she awoke, and it was considerably worse than before.

She quickly finished washing and was about to go to the kitchen to continue preparing breakfast.

She was afraid that the precious ingredients will rot, so all the food is kept in her small warehouse.

The cubs are just concerned with eating, not with how she pulls the food out.

Sincerity was in front of her when she entered the kitchen.

Basically, all the kindergarten buildings that those two guys have access to have been cleansed.

The yard, classrooms, kitchens, dormitories, and nursery rooms all have several water pipes. There are faucets all across the yard, one or two of which are damaged and were repaired last night.

Although there was no rain in most of the kindergarten’s area, the yard appeared to be leaking, and it was wet everywhere.

The courtyard’s pillars changed colour from black to crimson.

Wait a minute, that doesn’t appear to be fresh paint.

Xu Qiu examined the pillar more closely, and discovered that it was originally crimson, but had gone gray-black due to the accumulation of too much dust.

At first, she just cleaned a few important areas, such as her room, kitchen, and the cubs’ sinks.

The cubs were quite helpful with the remaining cleaning tasks.

Xu Qiu didn’t have the energy in such unimportant locations, so she temporarily set it aside.

But now that these small elements have been addressed, the kindergarten as a whole has taken a step forward in terms of appearance. It was a far sight from the torn appearance she had when she initially entered.

Except for the spot where the cubs stayed, Xu Qiu circled around and discovered that the location of the abandoned robots had also changed.

The robot’s construction is still somewhat difficult. Inside, the chip equipment has been destroyed. One undamaged mechanical arm piece and one piece of the same metal type are installed.

The lights from the robot’s eyes are scattered throughout the floor, creating a magnificent effect.

Xu Qiu also discovered the two men beside the cleaned-up pile of robot garbage. They were not particular about it, and slept directly on the ground, staggering, in a very inelegant sleeping posture.

The older man was still sleeping and showed no symptoms of being awakened by lightning, most likely because he was too exhausted.

Xu Qiu did not call these two individuals; instead, she returned her attention to the cooking.

The kitchen is locked, and if they try to force open the door, they will most likely harm the lock’s appearance.

She took the small lock in her hand and examined it, finding no evidence that it had been wrenched open.

These two people appear to still have some smart, knowing that if they screw around, it will not end well.

She enters, watering the plant, feeding the chickens, and preparing a breakfast for the cubs.

Cabbage, potatoes, and tomatoes are among the crops in the warehouse. Cabbage and potatoes are the most abundant among them. It can be eaten for a long period even if it is given to ten cubs to eat with her.

But these days, she has been cooking these foods repeatedly, stir-fried cabbage, boiled cabbage heart, boiled potatoes, mashed potatoes, fried potatoes, dry pot potato chips, tomato egg soup, sugar-mixed tomatoes…

Breakfast was satisfactory. Xu Qiu could eat the same thing for a month, although she preferred to eat a lot of food for lunch and dinner.

The system’s limited supply of meat does not enough create meatballs.

After preparing food in the washbasin, today’s daily tasks have been done nearing completion.

Xu Qiu will now re-light the illustrated book to acquire experience every time she lights up a fresh crop, as all prior data has been wiped out.

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