The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 7.2

Tomorrow, Jiang Shining intends to pay a visit to this company.

She was lying on the sofa on the second floor of the villa, analysing the data, when the housekeeper came upstairs.

“Miss, you have a call from Mr. Xiu.”

Jiang Shining temples jump as soon as she hears the word Xiu.

“Hang up. I’m not going to answer it again.” She continued to rummage through the data.

The butler was silent for a moment.

“If you don’t answer, Mr. Xiu says you’re terrified of him. He’s come to send a letter of challenge.”

Jiang Shining slammed the computer shut with a vengeance. Does h still want to mix up the radical technique?

She was in a foul mood as she went downstairs and picked up the ajar phone.

“Chu Haoli, if you get my landline by any means, I will call the police.”

“Have you only recently learned to call the police, Jiang Shining? You live in the villa complex sold by Tianxia Longteng, and even the property is the responsibility of my company.”

“…” She will sell the house tomorrow.

“Jiang Shining, what I said before still counts. Judging from my previous affection, I am willing to help you in the new world.” Xiu Lingfei said, “But you won’t appreciate it, so I won’t wait. I used to be the emperor, and I am still the big boss. If you refuse the old feelings, then we have to count the old accounts. How did you retaliate against me before, I have to retaliate back.”

“I’m really afraid of death.” Jiang Shining sneered, “I’ve never been afraid of being killed by you in the past. Now I am afraid of your simple threats?

“This is not just a threat.” Xiu Lingfei’s voice became low, “Life and death aren’t so bad for a woman like you. The more arrogant you are, the easier it will be for me to defeat you. I want you to know what I’m saying. You admit that you are not as good as me.”

“This challenge letter is not bad.” Jiang Shining said casually.

“Turn on the phone and use social software.” Xiu Lingfei asked, “Do you know which one to use?”

“Chu Hao Li, I am not an ancient person!”

Jiang Shining hung up the phone and went to open the Weibo software, where she discovered that the most popular search was- [Exposure! Longteng Group has officially entered the entertainment sector! In the process of acquiring xx, xx, and xx entertainment companies…]

What are the underground comments?

‘Dad is here to save the entertainment industry!’ ‘The nice-looking little brother comes to suck it!’ ‘Please ban yyy, dad!’ ‘Longteng’s father, please sign my family yyy, poor child.’

The Weibo post from half an hour earlier has now surpassed 100,000 comments.

Jiang Shining silently saw the account of “Ninglu Media”, and it was so cold to death.

There are some official announcements or postings on Weibo with small fire artists. But there are all less than ten reposts, and there are no comments. Of course, she holds the official account responsible for being overly boring and stiff.

Don’t call it Dad. There is no one called Mom, Sister or Brother.

The path to recovery is long and difficult. She didn’t want a big corporation since she didn’t want to get into any difficulty. Who’d have guessed that this would force her to participate in a fictional self-made plot?

Jiang Shi condensed more than a dozen management books, as well as books on the entertainment industry, and purchased a dozen additional books on the subject. Before the game began, she had to conduct research and study.

At breakfast the next day, while the housekeeper slowly served Jiang Shining, he said, “Miss, the company called me this morning.”

“Why call you?” Jiang Shining was strange.

“Because you previously refused to manage the company’s affairs.”

There’s also this setting. The robot appears to have implanted a scheme in order to push her to set up this entertainment company when she didn’t want to at the time. Jiang Shining arrived a year later, so this company could not have been started by her.

According to the plot, this was arranged for her by a wealthy elderly man who left her an inheritance in the hopes that she would use it to further her career. Jiang Shining, on the other hand, was too young, rebellious, and unwilling to manage, so she never officially took over.

Hmm… Well, it appears that the robot isn’t paying attention to the company.

“What’s the matter?”

The butler was silent for a moment.

“Your company’s hottest artist wants to leave and go to Tianxia Longteng. He stated that the new company would assist him in paying the fine.”

Jiang Shining:…

It’s really hard to be honest. These little belly chicken intestines and blemishes must be repaid with the same amount of energy as when he was the emperor. If she refuses his benevolence, he will build a corporation that will disgust her and dig up her artist.

Jiang Shining pulled out her phone. Her cell phone truly made the robots save a lot of messy numbers. She picked one and called it as a person in the entertainment sector.

“Hey, Sun Entertainment News?” Jiang Shining said blankly, “I have a piece of information about Tianxia Longteng’s third son. Do you want it? Yes, Xiu Jingrui, as well as a female artist who has recently made a comeback… I don’t want to be paid. I ask you to make headlines. “

Xiu Lingfei must have thought of this before, and he might have arranged the plan in advance. However, it was impossible for the paparazzi to stop digging. 

They all took cover in a nearby ambush. The paparazzi grabbed many images of Xiu Jingrui three days after he was released, even though his face was disguised. Jiang Shining photographed the processing slip given to her by the police officer who had mosaic it and handed it to the entertainment reporters.

When Xiu Lingfei saw these newspapers and all kinds of side-by-side news in Longteng’s office, he turned dark.

Jiang Shining is still Jiang Shining with a small belly, but the quality of this son is not good.

He needs to have a good beating.

The author has something to say: 

Jiang Shining: At least I am a normal female partner in this world, so I don’t need to be a mother.

Fans: Mom! Treat my cub better and give him more resources, OK?

Jiang Shining:? ? ? ? ?

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