I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 38.3

You Qiuqiu hear Mr. Sheng remember the props incident when she was participating in the show before. Mr. Sheng was able to provide her a resource, but after the accident, she appeared to be a little happy on the Internet?

“But this is not too good to fool the programme group, and they did not expect it.” There was also a Tao Ge.

You Qiuqiu felt that it seemed inappropriate to fudge resources in this situation.

Sheng Shiyun: Oh, she also knows how happy she is on the Internet.

And what exactly is his image in her eyes.

“My Voice, My Show” actively took responsibility after the incident. Whether it was dealing with the players, apologising to them, or offering a series of compensations. Sheng Shiyun was not a guy who was unreasonable.


You Qiuqiu swiftly got feedback from Sheng Shiyun’s side: There are no resources related to the baritone, don’t think about it. Hurry and go filming. Don’t bother my work here.

Very harsh and ruthless.

You Qiuqiu rolled out of Sheng Shiyun’s office, but five minutes later, the door to Sheng Shiyun’s office rang again.

The man’s voice outside was low, “Hello, is it Mr. Sheng? Your takeout has arrived.”

Sheng Shiyun gripped the pen in the hand, and the writing was crooked. He stopped his work and raised his head, “You Qiuqiu, you are here. What’s the matter?”

The door opened and a gorgeous, tiny face came in.

She said, “Mr. Sheng, Tao Ge invited me to create a single and be a guest at his concert.”

Mr. Sheng didn’t allow her to release the album and didn’t allow her to use the baritone voice, but Tao Ge arranged it.

You Qiuqiu just got off the elevator and received a call from Tao Anjie not long after she went out.

You Qiuqiu is still anxious about Tao Anjie’s state, but because the two of them have little friendship and there is also many people will approach Tao during this period. After You Qiuqiu came out of the hospital, she did not contact Tao Anjie again.

After receiving Tao Anjie’s call this time, You Qiuqiu decided that the case should continue to be investigated and she needed her participation. Unexpectedly, after he greeted, he opened his mouth and asked.

“Qiuqiu, can I invite you to be a guest at my concert?”

Not only is it a guest at the concert, but Tao Anjie also mentioned that if You Qiuqiu is interested in singing, he can help her record a single.

As a powerful singer, after so many years since his debut, Tao Anjie may not have been participating in other fields, but as long as it is related to music, his channel contacts are quite wide.

Regardless of how You Qiuqiu was playing with Sheng Shiyun, she boldly claimed that she could use this voice to make a meal. In fact, she was just talking about it.

She was persuaded after being faced with Tao Anjie’s invitation.

How good is she… She is a death singer! Tao Ge, be more sober!

Faced with You Qiuqiu’s fears, Tao Anjie calmed down, “You actually sing well, better than many amateur singers.”

Tao Anjie feels You Qiuqiu is very heart-warming.

She asked him to tell her about her singing at the time and then provided him with a recorded song specifically to keep him from getting too guilty.

Although Tao Anjie has always been persuasive, his attitude is very determined. He truly hopes that You Qiuqiu can be a guest at his concert.

So You Qiuqiu merely got off the elevator, went back up again, found Sheng Shiyun, and handed the problem to him.

Can I go?

“No need to think about it, right?”

Tao Anjie is a mature singer. No matter what, there should be no problem?

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