The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 21.2

She and the cubs can also fulfil the main objective and gain scattered experience after binding to the kindergarten.

Xu Qiu finally received a reminder from the system after she finished preparing potato pancakes.

[The character level is upgraded to level 6, and the recipe book will be unlocked. Delicious ingredients are the basis of cooking food. Let’s make more delicious food! ]

Xu Qiu can light up the recipes in the illustrated book every time she cooks a dish, and when she reaches a particular number of stars, the system will give out corresponding rewards.

The recipe is broken into three categories: average, good, and perfect. A reward is assigned to each score. Xu Qiu will cook this food in the future after achieving perfection, but no matter how good she is, she will receive the accompanying experience and reward.

The system kept track of the dishes Xu Qiu had prepared previously, and she was rewarded with a lot of experience and money.

The system’s experience comes in second, and the recipe’s rich elements are the crucial part.

Although the number is small, there are many kinds. With seeds, she can plant more outside without being restricted by system tasks.

Xu Qiu can’t conceal her delight after becoming wealthy overnight.

Xu Qiu took out the white and tender mushrooms. The system rewarded several types of mushrooms, including oyster mushrooms, fresh shiitake mushrooms, and enoki mushrooms.

The kind in which both mycelium and fruiting bodies are intact.

Even if there isn’t a system, she can use Starnet to look for ways to cultivate mushrooms.

This type of plant can survive even in poor soil. The key is to grow quickly and effectively.

She put some parts aside for cultivation and used the rest to prepare a lovely soup.

She also received approximately a pound of mung beans. The mung bean soup was tasty, but Xu Qiu decided to save the seeds and use them to grow mung bean sprouts to add extra flavour.

The stir-fried and boiled bean sprouts are wonderful. She can even buy hot sauce in the system store if she saves a few more pennies!

Xu Qiu sang a song while cutting the pork shreds off the prize, adding greens and boiling it into mushroom soups. The umami flavour of the fungus can refresh people’s tongues without any additional flavours.

Xu Qiu waited for Zhu Niang, who arrived earlier than the other cubs, as soon as the steaming soup was put into the bowl.

Apart from helping today, Zhu Niang has another pressing concern: “Will the two people in the yard stay here in the future?”

Accepting Xu Qiu is already the cubs’ limit.

After all, she has always been really kind when she first entered this kindergarten, and she is still working hard and not harming the cubs.

More importantly, Xu Qiu is attractive, speaks well, and has a calm and compassionate demeanour that is difficult to dislike.

The two males, on the other hand, were aggressive. As soon as they arrived, they yelled and wanted to kill. When they met them, they turned around and ran, which irritated the cubs.

Zhu Niang was similarly disappointed after learning that Xu Qiu had not dealt with the two of them but had instead freed them.

He wasn’t as disgusting as Yuan Jiu, but he was concerned that Xu Qiu wouldn’t treat them as well as they deserved because of the two extra people.

Xu Qiu had not expected the cubs to be so concerned: “They each have their own home. They came to the kindergarten for a business trip this time. After a while, they’ll leave.”

Xu Qiu had never considered it from the start. She is about to rush people to do some work since she doesn’t know how long she can keep the other two people and do all the coolie things that need to be done in the kindergarten.

After all, it’s still difficult to prepare additional meals for two individuals.


Zhu Niang’s eyes suddenly brightened.

“I’ll do as promised,” Xu Qiu said with a nod.

That is fantastic!

“I’m going to invite other out for breakfast!”

He intended to inform everyone that Xu Qiu and the two individuals were not members of the same organisation. Xu Qiu could blow them away if they let each other finish their work.

Zhu Niang ran away like a gust of wind.

“Hey, Zhu Niang, run slowly, don’t be so anxious.”

Xu Qiu hurriedly shouted from behind, but unfortunately, Zhu Niang’s shadow disappeared as soon as the voice fell.

Xu Qiu looked at the two people who had been awakened.

“Bring your chopsticks and bowls over now. We have enough food for today.”

They must assist her in ploughing the land and farming once they have eaten! Expand the volume and complete the system’s tasks.

These two guys are both capable of visiting this location and must possess specific skills.

After all, long-distance travel still requires a little planes knowledge, especially when it comes to the maintenance of various important parts and machines.

Xu Qiu’s robot work progress has been slowly pushed to 80/100 under the guidance of these two people.

The wisdom that has not been written in books, as well as the experience of those who have passed it down, are extremely valuable resources.

With systematic help and guidance, Xu Qiu improved quickly.

Her learning progress made Jasper full of anxiety. His knowledge was being quickly emptied. Donald, too, has questions about life and believes he may be mentally retarded.

Xu Qiu almost forgot about this side mission in order to light up more recipes.

She was not looking forward to completing this side mission, but in order to a big surprise to the cubs she need to complete the side mission quickly.

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