The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 8.1

Jiang Shining drove the car and followed the navigation to the downstairs of Ninglu Media’s company while Tianxia Longteng was busy with Xiu Jingrui’s detention.

Ninglu Media has been successful in the outside world, but it remains an unnoticed old company in the eyes of the general people. No one thinks it’ll go away soon, perhaps because Ninglu Media’s location and decor are still top-notch.

Her company’s location is in City P, where several well-known media and financial firms gather. It could be claimed that this is where the top corporations and companies in City P have their headquarters.

This place is like a place like Silicon Valley or Wall Street in Country M. It has a strong feeling of modern design, and many people visit it to photograph it. Employees of numerous businesses can be seen walking along the street dressed in suits or short skirts, capable and tidy.

Regardless of how Ninglu Media operates by relying on a few artists, its exterior is truly open and bright, with no trace of old firm corruption.

While Jiang Shining was visiting the company that the robot had forced on her, she was perplexed whether the company could continue to operate as usual while the CEO was away.

Who helped her?

The lady at the front desk stood up her hands folded on her abdomen and a nice smile on her face.

“Madam, may I assist you? If you are looking for someone, you must sign here.” The lady at the front desk said with a smile.

“Hello, I’d like to meet with the company’s president.”

Jiang Shining was wearing sunglasses. Her hair was in brides and she was wearing a beret. She has a heroic appearance and a unique personality. So the receptionist was taken aback when she stated this sentence, and she didn’t know what to say for a long time.

Women’s attractiveness can be judged not only by their appearance but also by whether their makeup is flawless, their clothes are well-matched, their aura, their standing posture, and even a random gesture, all of which can reveal their educational level or professional bias.

Even if she didn’t show her face, the front desk clerk assumed she was a celebrity or someone with a well-known background. However, the procedure must proceed.

“All right, lady, but you need to schedule a meeting with our company’s vice president. Please fill out the form with your name and any relevant information.”

“My name is Jiang Shining and the phone number is 1XXX…”

Jiang Shining saw that the lady at the front desk seemed a little dizzy before she finished speaking. She bowed her head and flipped something over on the table before raising her head.

“Ms. Jiang, please come with me. I’ll let the vice president know, and he’ll be there shortly.”

Jiang Shining arrived in a tiny meeting room under her direction. She saw that the company’s hallways and environment were clean and new along the way, but there were few office staff. This is a once large entertainment and media firm that has shrunk back.

According to the young lady at the front desk, this ‘vice president’ certainly knew her and had put her name on a special note, expecting her to come looking for him? Jiang Shining was unsure whether the robot had stuffed in another plot.

She swears that if this person is set up to be outrageous or a former mortal enemy, she will remove the robot’s little claws!

Jiang Shining had just been in this meeting room for around twenty minutes when she heard light footfall outside the half-shielded door.

“Chief Wang, Ms. Jiang is inside.” She heard what the lady at the front desk said.

“I see. Thank you.” Another low voice sounded. 

… Wait, why does this sound a bit familiar?

The lady at the front desk’s high-heeled shoes went away, and a young man in a suit opened the door and walked in. He closed the door behind him.

The calmness vanished as he turned his head to face Jiang Shining.

He kneeled with a thump, and it was sturdy and unbuffered. The muffled sound of knees touching the ground made the teeth tremble.

“Mother Consort!” The person already cried sadly.

Jiang Shining slowly rose to her feet, her eyes wide with surprise.

“…Jing Xuan?” she murmured.

Jing Xuan, her own flesh and blood in the Ancient World, turned out to be the person.

Jing Xuan is in charge of running the entertainment media company that she has neglected to use for the entire year?

For her own reasons, she had to wait a year before seeing Jing Xuan again?

Jiang Shining was stiff, as if she hadn’t recovered from her shock and self-blame, and Jing Xuan had plainly figured out the truth before she did.

He took two steps forward on his knees before getting up and approaching Jiang Shining. Jiang Shining almost instinctively wanted to hug him, but after a brief pause, Jing Xuan crouched and hugged her leg again, taking a few breaths.

“Mother Consort… you are finally here. I have been waiting for you for many years.”

Jiang Shining left all the problems in her mind, and she bent down to help Jingxuan.

“Jing Xuan, this is the modern world, don’t kneel. Let me see you quickly.”

Jing Xuan slowly stood up with the woman’s strength.

Jing Xuan was just seventeen years old when Jiang Shining died in the Ancient World. Although he was old for the ancients, he was still a child in Jiang Shining’s eyes.  

Jing Yuan was seven years older than Jing Yuan. When Jiang Shining and Jing Yuan were preoccupied fighting the emperor, they basically protected Jing Xuan, allowing him to preserve his young spirit, which was uncommon among princes.

Jing Xuan, appears to be in his late twenties or early thirties. His brows and eyes are the same as Jiang Shining remembers, but he has matured and grown up, and his facial characteristics have become more distinct.

It’s just that now he seems too excited. His nose and eye sockets are reddish, aggrieved, and he still looks like a child.

Jiang Shining’s hand reached out unconsciously to wipe away Jing Xuan’s tears, which were strewn from the corner of his eyes.

Jing Xuan was a head higher than her, but he nervously stretched out and hugged her, as if Jiang Shining were a fragile object, before burying his head on her shoulder.

Jiang Shining let out a quiet sigh. Jing Xuan was crying, but she expected the child, especially the prince, to be stronger. When Jing Xuan was so gaffed, she decided to give him this lean, so she reached out and put her arm around Jing Xuan’s shoulder.

Jiang Shining’s eyes were a little twitching at first. She did an excellent job at the work, but she wasn’t a perfect mother. Her greatest wish, after completing the fifth mission, was to make amends for her mistakes.

Jiang Shining also wants to cry now that her wish is slowly becoming a reality. Jing Xuan was crying, but she needed to become stronger instead.

She lightly patted Jing Xuan’s shoulder. Jing Xuan raised her head, which was a little messy, and his nose was still slightly red, after a while. He gave Jiang Shining an embarrassed expression.

“Mother Consort, I am not like this; in fact, I am very calm.”

“Sit down and drink some water.” Jiang Shining said helplessly.

They sat on the sofa together. Jing Xuan pulled the kettle from Jiang Shining’s grasp and poured a full glass of water into it. He drank it all in one gulp, then set the glass down and blushed as he stared at Jiang Shining.

“I’m sorry, Mother Consort, I’ve calmed down; I had a nervous breakdown…”

“It’s fine if you call me that in private. Pay attention outside and don’t scare others.” Jiang Shining smiled helplessly.

Because in this reality, Jiang Shining appeared to be younger than Jing Xuan, regardless of their former blood relationship or what had happened.

Jing Xuan’s reddish eyes widened, and he exclaimed angrily, “How can it be done? A mother is a mother. I can’t repay the kindness of nurturing in my previous life. I finally have a chance in this life. How can it be because of external reasons? And change? Then I am not filial!”

Jing Xuan and Xiu Lingfei appeared to have the same problem, and when they spoke quickly, they reverted to their former life manner.

“Okay, okay…” Jiang Shining was even more helpless. She was fighting for survival in the Ancient World. In order to survive, Jing Xuan and Jing Yuan were sensible early. Jing Yuan was twenty-three years old when she died, but Jing Xuan was only seventeen.

She can’t stand to reject whatever Jing Xuan stated now that they can finally meet in a peaceful world. Even if she knew that she was tougher, Jing Xuan would obey.

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