The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 22.1

Xu Qiu ushered in her first weekend at the kindergarten in the blink of an eye.

The kindergarten is now decent, thanks to two coolies who don’t require payment.

The excess metal scraps slowly became the horizontal bars and parallel bars of the kindergarten, three rows of laundry rods, and a basketball hoop that was a little taller than her.

The random materials melted into two spherical shot balls, and the small items that Xu Qiu remembered should have been in the kindergarten steadily stacked up in the warehouse.

During physical education class, the cubs can usually exercise, and there are also tool tests.

The kindergarten’s plants are extremely rare and valuable. Xu Qiu also asked these people to cut ten sets of metal tangrams.

There are various prototype metal building blocks in the shapes of triangles and squares.

In kindergartens, there are dozens of scrap robots piled up.

Xu Qiu grudgingly pieced together a low-level attack robot with the necessary materials that could still be used under the command of the system.

Of course, she isn’t gifted in this area. The system has transformed the robot into a Lego figure. Xu Qiu merely needs to prepare the necessary pieces and construct this huge figure according to the blueprints provided by 008 for her.

The operation is straightforward, but it takes a long time.

Donald and Jasper were taken aback when the aggressive robot that entirely obeyed Xu Qiu wobbled in the kindergarten.

After learning how tough this robot was, the two of them worked even harder.

They could easily see that the robots they had brought had been utterly destroyed by the ability-wielding creatures.

There is no way to create this, even if they have some repair skills.

How could a senior technician with such skills fall into such a place to take care of these cubs?

She must have offended someone before being exiled.

Their brains filled in many plot holes, but their hands worked faster.

Xu Qiu said that as long as they have completed the work she gave them, they can go back.

They’ll return faster if they finish quicker.

“Who knows if this kind of person can do as promised?” Jasper murmured behind her back.

But his work didn’t stop at all. After all, as Donald pointed out, “We’re now fish, and they’re knives. Of course, it’s good for her to be able to do as she promised, but we can’t do anything.”

Be positive, and they won’t be bad at eating anyhow.

If he didn’t get paid for his labour and didn’t have to deal with the invisible pressure from the cubs, he’d want to stay in this kindergarten all the time just to eat the delicious food that Xu Qiu prepared.

Xu Qiu removed all the 11 core materials piled in her small room with the help of Robot No. 1.

Two free coolies are in charge of sorting out the less important parts, such as the robotic arm.

These materials piled up into new hills on the kindergarten’s tiny playground.

Because there is no class today, Xu Qiu is determined to get all the remaining robots out as soon as possible.

She’ll also give the defence robot some house robot functions, making kitchen work much easier in the future.

No. 1 washing vegetables, No. 2 cutting vegetables, No. 3 rolling noodles… There are also sweeping robots, clothes drying robots…

Then she could free her hands from heavy housework and live a joyful life in the new era.

Make it early and enjoy it early!


No. 1 obediently handed the robotic arm to Xu Qiu.

“Left leg”

The posture of Xu Qiu and the robot was as delicate as performing an operation.

For the first holiday, all of the cubs were present.

They are now free to move around the kindergarten. They had grown bored after two days of freshness.

Xu Qiu gradually gained 1 cub, 2 cubs…10 cubs beside her after they were playing with single and parallel bars.

A total of ten cubs were present. They were all around Xu Qiu and the freshly baked robots.

Xu Qiu lifted her numb feet when Robot No. 3 was completed, and there was a pile of fluff around her.

“What’s wrong? Did something happen?” she exclaimed, startled.

She instinctively looked for Donald and Jasper, as the two of them were the most likely to be in charge of a moth.

At first glance, the two large men appeared to be huddled in little corners, sifting through bits of metal plates.

Metal knives are useless in the presence of power. The small fox could spat fire. Two people without protective gear can be ignited on the spot, and the parrot’s metal wings can pierce their bones. The little mermaid can also perform a wonderful funeral song for them.

They’ve obviously been with the cubs for several days, but the two of them are still afraid and restless.

The two large men shrank pitifully into a ball with their lengthy arms and feet. They wanted to work hard, but their hands shook as they held the metal plates.

This is human beings’ instinct in the face of terror, and the depths of their souls’ tremble, unable to control it at all.

But Xu Qiu was different. She didn’t notice any pressure on the cubs. She felt odd in her heart, but adults don’t require her comfort, so she averted her sight after a brief glance.

“Principal, I want to help you build the robot!” said the tiny fox who had been raised so well these days, shaking her tail and raising her paw.

They have only done destruction, and they are very good at wrecking things, but simply looking at Xu Qiu putting together a bunch of components to build a small ugly robot gives them a sense of accomplishment.

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