The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 8.2

“Jing Xuan, why are you here? How do you know of my existence?” Jiang Shining changed the subject and asked about the topic.

Jing Xuan’s eyebrows darkened, and when he was thinking about business, he was as calm as he said.

“I woke up in this world more than ten years ago. There was a voice in my mind that led me to know the truth… I know that our world is a book, Mother Consort.” he explained “After that, the voice said, you’ll wake up someday, but until then, the “Jiang Shining” of this world is just an NPC for plot purposes. That voice instructed me to take over the business, saying, this was prepared for you, Mother Consort. If you appear here one day, it proves that the Mother Consort has awakened. “

“You are running this company?” Jiang Shining was a little surprised.

“In fact, it’s not an operation. The voice said, I must respect all laws and wait until you show up to change.” Jing Xuan said shyly, “So, this company, I only show up when it needs a boss to sign on your behalf or make some decisions. “

Anyway, this type of little business doesn’t have any international priorities to deal with, and it must have the aura of robots if it can persist so half-dead until now.

Jiang Shining realised the robots had been slapped and offered her sweet dates. They arranged for Jing Xuan to come here to keep her from becoming furious after discovering the truth.

There is a feeling that she is still a character in the book, being manipulated as a puppet, which is uncomfortable.

But life is like a play, and a play is like life. She can only live in the world. Since she can still satisfy her desires, she can barely choose.

“Do you know where Jing Yuan is?” Jiang Shining asked.

In fact, she had no hope. They would undoubtedly come to see her if Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan stayed together.

Jing Xuan did indeed shake his head.

“I do not know where my brother is, but I’m sure he’s somewhere in this world.” Jing Xuan stared at Jiang Shining after answering and paused, “… Mother Consort, I have a question. I’m not sure if I should ask it or not.”

“You said.” Jiang Shining stretched out her hand and stroked Jing Suan’s slightly tousled black hair.

“Are you not the original Imperial Concubine Xiao of that world? I read that book,” Jing Xuan said hesitantly, “And the fate of the three of us was originally really horrible…”

However, this was not the case with them.

Obviously, Jiang Shining had subverted the entire plot with his own power-even Xiu Lingfei in here was more brutal and mediocre than the one they had experienced.

At least in the world, they experienced, Chu Haoli was very ashamed of the harem concubine and children but was very dedicated to the world.

Jing Xuan is a smart person.

“It’s true.” Jiang Shining quietly said, “The voice you heard is a book transmigration system. And I am a member of the correction.”

Obviously, this is not what Jing Xuan cares most about.

Obviously, this isn’t what Jing Xuan is most concerned with.

“Has Mother Consort visited many worlds?”

“With you and my world, there are a total of five,” Jiang Shining explained.

Jing Xuan hesitated. He didn’t feel decisive; he didn’t look like a man. But asking this question seems to be shameless.

“Then, mother, are there any sons in other worlds?”

Jiang Shining was taken aback, and she couldn’t laugh or cry any longer—how could she let down this second son?

Yes, the Ancient World was Jiang Shining’s first world, but she had spent a long time studying the book transmigration system before going on the mission. Jing Yuan was adopted by her, so he was her first kid in a sense.

Now he looked at her pitifully and eagerly, looking at Jiang Shining helplessly.

“Jing Xuan…”  She reached out and touched Jing Xuan’s face with the back of her hand. Jing Xuan’s eyes darkened in regret as he remembered how she used to soothe him in this way.

“Therefore, in the future, someone will come to grab my Mother Consort with me and Emperor Brother.” He whispered, “Mother Consort, you…how many children do you have? How many children do you have in my heart?”

Jiang Shining could not respond to this question. Her situation is far too unique. In the sixth reincarnation, how can feeling be conveyed so easily?

“Your words like this embarrass me, Jing Xuan.” Jiang Shining uttered a helpless reply. “No matter what you say, it’s unfair to others, isn’t it?”

“…Mother taught this child to be childish.”  

“I am confident that you will be pleased.” Jiang Shining said helplessly.

She has two daughters. One is a mutant girl seen at the end of the day, and the other is a daughter in the similar to the Republic of China-except that she also has an older brother.

Jiang Shining believed that if she could truly find all the children, the small child Guoguo would undoubtedly be the little sister that everyone liked.

“By the way, Jing Xuan.” Jiang Shining looked at him, “What is your identity in this world? Do you just help me look at this company?”

Jing Xuan shook his head, and he said embarrassedly, “I also have a company myself, but it’s not big. You know that I have always had no ambitions. I tried to delve into the market and barely maintained it because I didn’t feel too shabby when I met you.”

Jing Xuan did not have any professional ambitions. Jing Yuan was six years older than him. He brought him up and protected his innocence, like a brother and a father.

Back then, Jing Xuan had no interest in the throne. Jiang Shining knew that he enjoyed painting, horse-riding and archery.

This is the afterlife reunion of the two. They talked for a long time about various topics before coming to an end.

“Mother concubine, do you want to take over this company?”

“Yes.” Jiang Shining said, “Do you know who is the big boss of Tianxia Longteng?”

Except for someone like Jiang Shining, who never followed the news at home, Jing Xuan understood that everyone knew about Xiu Lingfei and his personal entry was up on the Internet.

He had no sentiments for the cold-hearted father, and he still loathed Xiu Lingfei, so Jing Xuan made a strong effort to hide himself and did not go to him to pay the debt.

But he made it through in the end. The commander did not go into war unprepared. He knew it was impossible for him to kill Xiu Lingfei under the new world’s laws, so he endured it.

In fact, even one fight is good. But this revenge was too light. He couldn’t imagine how Jiang Shining, who had taken poison pills for half a year, died in slow pain.

At a glance, Jiang Shining understood exactly what he was thinking and couldn’t help but console him, “You can’t fight, we’ll beat him upright this time.”

“You mean, defeat his company and family?”

Jiang Shining smiled and nodded.

The doorbell rang as the two were talking. After the dependency and happiness on his mother’s face faded, Jing Xuan turned his head and appeared calm.


The head of a female clerk was poking up from the crack in the door.

“Mr. Wang, Mr. Gu Haotian, and his representative have returned. They want to talk about the contract breach today.”

Jing Xuan smirked a little. This artist is free to move on to another company, but he is going to Tianxia Longteng. Thinking of this, Jing Xuan immediately became dissatisfied.

Jiang Shining reassuringly patted his arm.

“I’ll look into it.” She said.

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