The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 22.2

Her paw became itchy, and she felt it necessary to try it for herself.

“Okay, it would be great if you could help,” Xu Qiu said.

“Do you want to try it too?” Xu Qiu asked the other cubs.

“I want I want.”

The little green snake nodded his head and rapidly crawled onto Xu Qiu’s arm, rubbing his scales over Xu Qiu’s delicate fingertips.

“The two of us can also come and help.”

The two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong also expressed their opinions.

“Because you’ve asked so nicely, I’ll reluctantly assist you.” This is Yuan Jiu.

When Xu Qiu glanced at Bai Sa, the cat stood up, turned around, and walked away.

However, she noticed Bai Sa’s tail curled up at the end and grabbed the important robot component.

As we all know, the cat and its tail are two kinds of creatures.

Bai Sa had to turn around, walk up to Xu Qiu, and place the “stolen” part of the tail in Xu Qiu’s palm in order not to embarrass his tail.

“That’s wonderful.”

Because there were so many cubs, Xu Qiu started by placing the system’s diagram on the ground.

“Let’s have a discussion about it. We’ll be split into three groups.”

“There are eleven people, four in each group. Two people will be chosen from the first group and partnered with me. After all, I am a more experienced adult.”

All the purchases are full tickets for adults and half tickets for children, so she is considered to be two cubs.

“Then I’d like to work with the principal!”

All the cubs wish to work with Xu Qiu.

The cubs fought ferociously about this problem.

The two large men in the corner covered their ears, thinking that the dreadful sound would deafen them after a long time.

“All right, everyone has calmed down.”

Xu Qiu reached into her purse and pulled out a stack of small metal bookmarks.

“That’s fine; let’s do a lottery. We want the competition to be quick and fair, so once everyone is ready, I will call for the competition to begin, and everyone will begin at the same time.”

The draw’s outcome was announced quickly.

The first group comprises Xu Qiu, the little fox, and Qing Sha, while the second group comprises Ding Ding, Dong Dong, Zhu Niang, and Yuan Jiu. The third group comprises You Yu, Bai Sa, Hua Lan, and Mu Zhi.

Zhu Niang is extremely attentive, and his hands are extremely dexterous.

The small fox flattened down the hefty portions and handed them to Xu Qiu. Despite the fact that she was only a cub, the small fox, who was stuffed with food and drink, had far more vitality than Xu Qiu.

The green snake embeds small components using his tail. Due to his flexibility, he can also penetrate the gap and act as a screw clamp and wrench.

With the help of the cub, Xu Qiu’s task, progress was completed quickly.

[2/12, 3/12…]

At 12 p.m., three fresh robots entered the arena.

Although these robots are not intelligent, they can follow simple instructions and prepare a delicious lunch around midday.

These newly created robots entered the battle in the afternoon, with the extra one serving as a referee.

In the third round, each team has two robot assistants.

At night, there are always only two robots left.

They are all aggressive robots.

With two wins in three games, Bai Sa’s group was the winner.

Besides winning the competition’s medal, Bai Sa’s group also ate the only huge fish from the warehouse at the dinner table that night.

Xu Qiu also presented a consolation gift for the lost cub: Fried small fish!

Cats like fish, and the white saucer’s plate is cleaner than usual.

The following day, Xu Qiu spent the entire morning completing the remaining robots.

Xu Qiu received a notification sound from the system to release a new task after completing the task and receiving the prize.

[Expand the kindergarten! The area of ​​the kindergarten is too small. Please expand the kindergarten with the help of robot partners!]

008 gives the scope of expansion. The area is actually not large, but it can only accommodate 12 robots.

The fact that the extended territory was also used as a kindergarten surprised Xu Qiu.

If the expansion is successful, the cubs will be able to walk through the kindergarten gate!

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