The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 9.1

After Jing Xuan requested the female employee to make arrangements for this artist and their agent to wait in a different conference room, both of them rushed to freshen up their looks.

Jiang Shining is fine, but she has messed up Jing Xuan’s original side-combed hairstyle, and his custom high-end suit has wrinkles. Men rarely bring combs with them, but Jiang Shining’s handbag includes everything they need.

Jiang Shining sat him down and combed his hair while Jing Xuan tidied up his clothing. Jing Xuan’s nose became sour suddenly; it’s nice to have a mother!

Then, he heard his mother say, “A little later, don’t call me Mother Consort, ah! Or mother, and so on, ah. This would make people scared. Besides, I look so young, you can just call me by my name.”

He hadn’t expected his mother would refuse to be his mother outside.

Jing Xuan, who had awakened his inner ancient soul and had finally met his mother after so many years in contemporary society, stuttered in his words, “but this, this, this…… this is a big disrespect ah!”

How are you more pedantic than Chou Haoli? Learn to adapt. Besides, we have no blood relationships in this world,” Jiang Shining reassured. “What would others think if you spoke such nonsense?”

Jing Xuan’s attention was drawn to a sensitive area right away.

“How did you figure that out? Have you met the late Emperor?”

 Jiang Shining suddenly wanted to laugh. This name was good, and even if Chou Haoli had been reincarnated, thinking about him in this light made him seem to have fallen back into the dirt.

When they met again in the future, she decided to use this nickname to annoy him.

“What’s the rush? I’ll tell you carefully later. Go get the main staff and management of this company right now, as well as all the other artists in the company, and have them all go to that meeting room,” Jiang Shining stated.

 “No problem.”

Jiang Shining’s order made Jing Xuan extremely happy. In a previous life, she and Jing Yuan treated him as if he were a child, and they didn’t look for him at all.

He does not know where Jing Yuan is in this life, but Jing Xuan is delighted to show more of his own actions in order to prove himself and get some face in front of his mother.

Gu Haotian, the hottest artist in the entire Ninglu Media, who had been poached by Longteng’s ‘Daddy,’ was proudly sitting in the conference room with his new manager, waiting for Vice President Wang to arrive.

He didn’t expect the Vice President to arrive first, but a large group of people arrived, and there were all kinds of them.

When Gu Haotian was still a trainee at the company, he met his former agent and numerous other agents. Practically, all of them were staring at him. But why are all the people who arrived later are here……?

The event planning department came, the advertising and marketing department, doing the company’s online operations, even the programmer and the front desk lady at the door came?

“What does this mean,” Gu Haotian’s new agent, who had never seen anything like this before, raised his glasses and staggered, “Does your company have to beat up people over a minor contract issue?”

“It’s not impossible.” One of the agents said coldly.

For several years, Ninglu Media Company supported Gu Haotian as an artist. Even though the company is about to go out of business, its name is still remembered in this area.

They had rummaged through all of Ninglu Media’s resources and sent them to Gu Haotian. Jing Xuan was attempting to make some money in order to sponsor some Ninglu Media sites.

Now that Gu Haotian is finally famous, there is a fire, and he can finally bring the corporation back to its former glory, but the results are that he actually jumped ship after eating everything in sight?!

People naturally desire to climb higher, but the truth is tough to accept, and human emotions are difficult to comprehend.

There would be no Gu Haotian today if it weren’t for the Ninglu media.

Gu Haotian had not expected so many people to show up, and while he did not know most of them, most of the staff knew him.

They are the people behind the scenes who help support him everywhere. He is the artist in front of the stage, and they are the people behind the scenes who assist and support him everywhere.

Gu Haotian knew, without doubt, that he was becoming a little uncomfortable.

The employees took their seats at the extra-long conference table one by one. Only two of them were sitting on the first two chairs on the right side of the main table, much to Gu Haotian’s discomfort, but these workers would rather sit on the left side than sit near them.

Outside, the sound of footsteps could be heard once more. Because it was a huge meeting room, the door was pushed open, and Jing Xuan, dressed elegantly in a custom-made suit, entered. Some of the female colleagues in the room couldn’t help but look at him with trepidation.

Vice President Wang is regarded as being attractive, courteous, personable, and knowledgeable by all. They’re all convinced that their vice president is more attractive than other presidents! Vice President Wang has a unique personality!

Jing Xuan was at least a prince in his previous life, and royal offspring are expected to excel in both literary and martial arts tactics, so his attitude is obvious.

Jing Xuan did not step inside, although many employees with starry eyes stood up to greet him. Even the lines of his suit pleats seemed so lovely and substantial as he pushed up the door.

Then he turned around and, with a courteous attitude, pointed his palm into the room in a welcoming gesture.

Jiang Shining’s aura is three points higher today because she is dressed courageously and has her hair up.

She wore the sunglasses and walked right into the conference room. Analyzing the size of the crowd and concluding that, except for the gate guards, they had all arrived.

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