I’m A Cool Salted Fish In The Entertainment Industry – Chapter 38.5

Jiang Tao: Okay, she remembered Qiuqiu’s original voice, and she was definitely in a lot of pain.

The rest of the group couldn’t stretch themselves under this kind of impact.

Sheng Shiyun didn’t seem to react at all, and his expression remained unchanged. He even hurried up to the little boy who did not know what was going on, and took his hand to help him cover his ears.

Don’t frighten the motherland’s flowers.

This is also why he refused to let You Qiuqiu perform on variety shows with her baritone.

There have been show crews asking You Qiuqiu to sing a song with her baritone for the past two days; after all, it is quite novel.

Sheng Shiyun, on the other hand, thought about it for a time and declined.

Nobody knows when it will recover. It will be a large-scale rollover site once it heals.

Sheng Shiyun was not surprised at all when he saw the sight of a large-scale car accident.

You Qiuqiu sang and realised something wasn’t quite right. Her voice gradually faded. Then everyone outside was covering their ears.

Even though You Qiuqiu is nice to Tao Anjie, he can’t boast.

After all, he is a strict teacher who enjoys telling the truth.

Even if Tao Anjie can continue to praise, the million-dollar tuner will not do it.

He smiled bitterly, “This really can’t be tuned.” 

It’s helpless. The singing is too ugly. Give up treatment.

He hopes Yu Qiuqiu will avoid going into the studio in the future if possible.

You Qiuqiu’s deep, endearing baritone is no longer with her, and even that song has yet to be completed.

You Qiuqiu: I regret it. I regret it very much.

Only half of it was recorded.

But Yu Qiuqiu knew the voice would return eventually, so she immediately accepted it after a little trance. She didn’t expect to return to normal when recording the song, but the innocent crew was involved.

They appear to be in distress.

Tao Anjie’s three-year-old baby felt the most suspicious on the scene.

Because Sheng Shiyun covered his ears in time, he did not feel the pollution of You Qiuqiu’s singing. What made him suspect in life was that his Gege entered the house and became Jiejie after he came out.

Yu Qiuqiu shattered the three-year-old baby’s unformed view of the world.


Sheng Shiyun consoled Yu Qiuqiu after receiving the semi-finished result, although it had not been recorded as a complete love song.

“I believe you can count on this for a second hot search.”

What is called contrast?

This song is the contrast.

The front makes you feel the happiness of a good boyfriend, and the back makes you feel the sadness of head pain.

You Qiuqiu: Sorry, I was offended.

This does not require Sheng Shiyun’s intervention, and the hot search for Yuqiuqiu has also arrived.

There were several people on the scene who filmed the footage, so netizens could see how You Qiuqiu sang love songs in a low, charming baritone before returning to the death singer.

Death singer, she is back!

She reappeared after switching her voice unexpectedly, and the effect was still incredible.

Before You Qiuqiu changed her voice and her singing lost the characteristics of a death singer. On Weibo, idle netizens bet that after Yu Qiuqiu regains her natural voice, singing will be just as disastrous as it was before, or that it will still be as reliable as the baritone is now.

Whoever loses will listen to You Qiuqiu’s famous work–

“Hero Song” ten times!

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