The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 23.1

[Please select an expansion direction].

Xu Qiu pressed a button on the virtual screen in front of her, and the gigantic kindergarten in her vision shrank to a flat thumbnail.

The thin lines are used to split the kindergarten into little squares of various sizes. Xu Qiu can identify where the kitchen is and where the student dormitory is just by looking at the positions of these large squares.

The kindergarten is represented by a white pattern, and the expanding area shows green.

There is a yellow patch outside the shallow circle of green that continuously expands outward and has no bounds.

Xu Qiu did not decide on the expansion’s location right away. “Can plants be planted in the expanded area?” she asked 008 instead.

Plants and small seedlings have a hard time surviving without the protection of a protective cover.

[The system’s plants must be able to live in the expansion zone.]

The implication of this line is that plant survival cannot be assured outside of its territory.

“Ah, I see.”

She’ll have enough gold coins in the future to buy whatever she wants at the system mall, or she’ll go to Starnet and buy a big number of plants that can adapt to the local environment and try again.

However, there isn’t as much money in the system as there used to be.

She doesn’t worry about it for a time because preventing wind and sand from covering the land is a long process.

[Please choose the expansion location as soon as possible] 008 reminded.

Although the kindergarten’s outer circle is entirely green, Xu Qiu can only choose a small area of land that cannot be changed after selection.

She wants to allow the cubs out to look, but if it’s built at the gate, this area won’t be able to accommodate them.

The more kindergarten supplies pile up, the smaller and less presentable the space becomes.

Xu Qiu walked around the kindergarten in a circle. After consulting with 008, she finally found a fairly suitable position.

“Just set it here.”

On the map, Xu Qiu pointed to a small green square.

[Under construction: Construction time is 6 hours. Current construction countdown is 05:59:59]

Xu Qiu’s twelve robots neatly lined up and marched out of the kindergarten.

A group of robots gathered around the small plot, each holding a shovel, hoe, and hammer, and began making clanking noises.

Xu Qiu calculated the time, six hours, which happened to be dinner time.

008 had borrowed the robot, so she could only cook dinner by herself.

By the way, just eat hot pot at night!

“Bring the hammer and the ruler, then come with me,” she said to Donald and Jasper.

She strolled into the cubs’ dormitory after opening the door. After several minutes, no one was seen.

Xu Qiu stuck her head through the door once more.

She noticed two large men standing still in the distance, like roots under their feet.

“Why are you two still standing there? Do you want to say in this kindergarten and never go back?”

Donald believed he had a better relationship with Xu Qiu than Jasper had, and he bravely spoke up and voiced his viewpoint.

“No… can we not go in?”

They were also aware of what Xu Qiu meant, but they were unwilling to take action.

After all, the door is a gateway to the abyss. Faced with the gathering of creatures, they are like small sheep preparing to enter the mouth of a tiger, no matter how strong they are.

Which tiny sheep did not turn around and flee when they spotted the giant tiger? They were both brave enough to stand motionless.

Xu Qiu sighed and blew a loud whistle to wake up the resting cubs in the dormitory.

“Come out first and assemble in the small playground.”

The cubs puffed and raced out like the wind as they heard the familiar whistle.

The two guys dashed in as soon as they saw the cubs emerge, faster than a rabbit, and Xu Qiu’s bangs were blown up by the air currents brought by the two men.

“Everyone begins by exercising for an hour in the tiny playground. A small construction is required in the dormitory.”

“Bai Sa, you are responsible for the discipline.”

Bai Sa is still a highly dependable person. Xu Qiu shut the dormitory door once again, then pulled out the pen and sketched a door outline on it.

“Here, break this wall,” Xu Qiu said, pointing at the location she had circled beforehand.

The location of this wall is on the aisle between the door of the cub’s resting area. Between the next door and the yard, where this wall is next to each other, there are fields and pastures from Xu Qiu’s circle.

The main reason is that this kindergarten appears inconspicuous at first glance, yet there are hidden channels in various places.

“Uh-oh! Uh-oh!”

The two men confirmed it again. Although they felt confused, they shook the hammer in their hands according to Xu Qiu’s request and slammed them against the wall that seemed very hard.

“Small hammer 40, sledgehammer 80…”

Xu Qiu couldn’t help but recite a few sentences while listening to the rhythmic percussion. Donald and Jasper exchanged puzzled looks at her. She coughed twice and moved her hands behind her back as she paced back and forth.

This project is important, and she must remain on site to supervise the work, even though the procedure is tedious.

The edge of the door finally smashed open successfully after nearly half an hour of smashing. They continued crashing into the wall, and the two men’s arms were so fatigued that they could barely lift them.

“One, two, three!”

The two fellow sufferers exchanged glances before putting down the hammer, shouting loudly, and pushing hard on the other side of the wall.

A row of robots materialised in front of them as the brick wall fell.


Donald was taken aback and fell when he came face to face with those red eyes that were devoid of any temperature.

“Be careful.”

Xu Qiu reminded him, but did not offer to help him.

Donald didn’t expect Jasper, who was standing on the opposite side, being able to assist him, so he patted the ashes on his slacks and stood up again.

“What are they up to?”

The two people looked curiously at the robots that were doing a lot of work outside.

The robots made by Xu Qiu took on a lot of kitchens work and almost all the cleaning and maintenance work in the kindergarten.

These were originally Xu Qiu’s tasks for the two of them, but they are now utterly idle, and their only task is to polish the scraps into various inventions.

Originally, they were exhausted and only wanted to rest, but they had recently lost their jobs, leaving them heartbroken.

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