The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 23.2

“Oh, by the way…”

Xu Qiu pulled something from her tiny bag and tossed it towards the two people.

Donald inadvertently caught what Xu Qiu threw over and opened his palm to reveal a dazzling key.

The young man’s face was filled with astonishment as he realised that here was the key to the car they had lost.

They can drive the automobile even if they don’t have the key, but seeing the key indicates that Xu Qiu intends to let them leave.

“What do you mean?”

Jasper, who was not stupid at all, also understood the meaning of the subtext, but he still found it hard to believe.

“This is the key to your car. The car can be found by walking about two kilometers in front of the kindergarten gate.”

Aside from the yellow sand, this planet has high and low mountains.

These mountains, on the other hand, are bare, with nothing but strange stones.

There is no more parking space available at the kindergarten. That location is a mountain hideaway with a slope-like platform on top. It’s ideal for protecting the car from the weather, including wind and rain. There’s no need to be concerned about the car being blown away by a strong wind, and there’s also no need to be concerned about the rain.

“As I said before, when you finish the kindergarten repairs, I’ll let you go back,”

The main reason is that these two people must put in a lot of effort. They’ve already accomplished so much. The robots can handle the rest of the grunt work. These robots don’t need to eat the precious food they store.

Xu Qiu left these two people in the kindergarten, but she never trusted them completely.

She never let the two of them into the kitchen, which is where food safety is concerned.

But those robots made by Xu Qiu and the cubs themselves will not have a crisis of trust at all.

They faithfully follow the three robot rules and are completely obedient to 008 and her orders.

Even if these two people want to stay, Xu Qiu is not willing to leave them here to waste food.

Suddenly, Xu Qiu realised something: “Speaking of which, you’ve spent a long time in this kindergarten. We’ll throw a farewell party for the two of you before you leave.”

“There’s no need! There’s no need! We merely go by ourselves because it would be too much work for you.”

The two people’s heads shook like rattles, and they didn’t want to come into contact with the furry creatures again. Farewell party, they are afraid it’s a death party.

“No, you think about it.”

Xu Qiu, who has always been gentle, didn’t give them the option of refusing.

These two guys are just an excuse for her wanting to hold a farewell party.

Their kindergarten has yet to hold any big events. Xu Qiu had considered it before but couldn’t come up with any excellent ideas, but she is now inspired.

There are often tiny companions who are separated from their partners in family-oriented cartoons.

People have joys and sorrows, and joy is the expression Xu Qiu hopes to see on the faces of the cubs, but she also feels it is necessary to arrange some frustration education.

The goodbye celebration in front of her was undoubtedly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the cubs to attend class.

This very simple farewell party went smoothly.

They were packed with 10 freshly baked cakes and two or three bottles of milk towards the end of the farewell party. They were forcefully evicted from the kindergarten by Xu Qiu.

They located their own vehicle after following Xu Qiu’s directions to the mountain two kilometres away.

If Xu Qiu visits this location, she will see enormous bitterness and deep hostility in their expressions, as well as a lack of emotion in their eyes: The two guys were hypnotised and their memories of this kindergarten were altered by the cubs who performed music at the farewell party.

They actually despise these foreigners, but the reality is similar to what the principle stated.

The old will be replaced with the new.

If they are replaced by messy people, they will have to refurbish them again.

Although the mastermind provided all the funds, the cubs began to pay attention to the sustainable development of energy under the influence of Xu Qiu, the economist, in order to minimise extravagance and waste.

After these two people were hypnotised, they promised to provide Xu Qiu with the items she requested after a period.

Xu Qiu exhaled deeply as she watched the airship’s track vanish from the horizon.

She just got the following message from the system: [The expansion has been completed; please check and accept it.]

The twelve hardworking robots have returned to their respective charging stations.

Xu Qiu walked out of the gate of the kindergarten during dinner time, when the cubs were sitting in rows to divide the fruits and walked outside twice.

The area originally covered by yellow sand has been covered with a thin layer of soil, like the inside of a kindergarten.

From the inside of the kindergarten, there are electrical circuits and waterway pipelines. According to Xu Qiu’s requirements, a gorgeous pavilion was built on it, as well as a pavilion that could fit all the cubs.

Because there was no way out of the kindergarten, the cubs were completely unaware of the situation.

Xu Qiu adjusted the scope to the kindergarten’s newly increased area, inhaled deeply, and moved among the cubs.

The next step is to observe the miracle.

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