The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 10.1

Jiang Shining is currently staying in that villa. Jiang Shining had no intention of continuing to live in it now that she knew it was Tianxia Longteng property – the robots, too, had sinister intentions, using such small means around the edges to hook her up with the plot.

It’s just that selling such a large property isn’t a good idea, so it’s only reasonable to give these kids a home.

“Thank you, boss; we’ll do our best to practise!” These trainees, who didn’t make it to the top were ecstatic to share their experiences.

“Hard work is important, but character is the second most important factor.” Jiang Shining chuckled softly. “After taking all of our Ninglu’s resources, don’t abandon your old boss and jump ship.”

The audience erupted in laughter.

Gu Haotian and his new manager could tell Jiang Shining was picking up on their sarcasm. She’s young and attractive, and when she speaks, she doesn’t show any emotion at all.

He was still fresh meat, so his ears were red, and he didn’t know whether to be embarrassed or angry. His new agent was more laid-back, with a smile on his face and a finger tapping on his glasses.

“Ms. Jiang, you’re quite busy, so we should take care of Haotian’s matter first, and then we won’t bother you after that.”

Jiang Shining seemed to notice that the two of them were sitting next to each other only then, so she turned her head and swept her gaze over them, raising her eyebrows unfazed.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. After you’ve paid the penalty for the breach of contract, you’re free to leave.”

“Then how are we going to pay for the money and resources that we have taken the trouble to smash over the past few years?” some employees indignantly asked after hearing the newly elected female president mention her easygoing salary increase and large villas.

“That’s right, how can we calculate the manpower and resources we spent on everything from buying fans to hot searches to retweets, to all kinds of resources for variety shows and movies?” “This kind of person should be blocked!” said another with venom.

Gu Haotian’s new agent is behind Longteng, and when he saw the Ninglu staff’s stingy look, he felt disdain in his heart, because the boss above had specifically stated that if Ninglu Media was indignant and resented the minor breach of contract, then feel free to set a price for Ninglu Media.

He was about to open his mouth to hide the needle and return the mockery he had just received, but Jiang Shining had already spoken, much to his surprise.

“This is Mr. Gu Haotian’s freedom. It’s okay, I have plenty of money,” Jiang Shining said calmly. “Since we can promote the first one, there will be more in the future, so there’s no need to dwell on this matter.”

She looked at her manager and said, “That’s it. You go and do the handover procedures with our staff.”

Jiang Shining still has a large number of points that she can trade for a large sum of money. She didn’t consider it cheating because the points were earned with her life, and Xiu Lingfei’s success was largely due to his being born into a wealthy family and having a high enough platform. If it were a normal citizen, it would almost certainly complicate his career.

Xiu Lingfei began with his ancestors’ family, and she relied on points to get by.

They sent the two people and their belongings to complete the formalities, and this time the room was left with their own people, which Jiang Shining observed.

“When you return to work, you can report and discuss work and personal issues, and employees who live far away can apply for a staff dormitory or travel allowance beginning next month.” She explained, “I will do my best to provide a pleasant working environment for everyone. The management team remains.”

The employees exited the conference room one by one, thanking each other. There weren’t many people in management, and they were all seated in a circle around her and Jing Xuan at the moment.

“Ninglu Entertainment Media was supposed to be a very traditional company, but it now focuses on training trainees, which I don’t think is a good thing. The point is to make the general audience remember not only our people but also our company, and to make the company’s name as well known as Tianxia Longteng.

There are many things we can do, such as variety shows, movies and TV series, or other directions. Even if we train the trainees, we must still be the best company in the world.”

“Understood, Ms. Jiang. We’ll go back and start a new one to build a new plan proposal, then we’ll show it to you as soon as possible.”

Jiang Shining nodded her head.

Jing Xuan tried hard to look neat and proper when Jiang Shining was talking. He always kept his hands on the table. He seemed a little serious, like an elite president.

When the final employee left, he carefully leaned forward on his arm and glanced sideways at Jiang Shining. He offered her a smile. The prior elite air was gone, replaced by a sense of youthfulness.

Jiang Shining stared at him dressed in such a dazzling and gorgeous suit, but was smiling boyishly. She couldn’t help but reach out and poke his head.

“Vice President Wang?”

Jing Xuan stretched out and seized her hand, holding the back of Jiang Shining’s hand against his own face.

“In the past, is this how you discussed your strategy with Jing Yuan?” he said.

Jiang Shining halted for a minute. The world of imperial palace battle was the first world she experienced. Maybe it was the human self-protection mechanism, but after so long, many things started to get unclear as time passed by. Only the time spent with Jing Yuan and Jing Xuan is still fresh in her mind.

From her memories, it seems to be the case.

The imperial sons could not keep visiting the emperor’s harem once they reached a certain age, so she and Jing Yuan were highly vigilant every time they discussed how to exterminate their enemies and how to lay their next moves. It was quite challenging.

“A little more challenging than currently.” Jiang Shining observed Jing Xuan’s gaze darkening. She said, “What’s wrong?”

Jing Xuan softly let go of Jiang Shining’s hand. After half a second, he grinned. “Nothing, I suddenly remembered. The last time I held my mother’s hand like this, my mother had ……”

Jiang Shining sighed in her heart.

“Not in this life.” She soothed, “You and I are both so young. It’s great to spend the next decades of life together.”

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