The Spoiled Daily Life of the Villain’s Mother – Chapter 9.2

These staff were also watching Jiang Shining as she examined them. They did not know who she was; was she a fresh actress dug up by Vice President Wang to counter the might of Gu Haotian’s young meat?

Then they noticed Vice President Wang, who had just held the door, heading towards the main seat of the long table and pulling out the back chair rather than sitting down. Jiang Shining stomped on her high heels and sat down in the right seat in full front of everyone, and Vice President Wang assisted her in adjusting it forward.

Jiang Shining took a seat, but Jing Xuan couldn’t find a spot to sit, so he stood behind her.

When everyone was stunned by this scenario, a girl who didn’t know which department she belonged to rose to her feet and urged the few individuals in front of her to adjust their positions. Only then did the people return to their senses, and Vice President Wang was swiftly given the first seat on the left.

This unusual woman in the front seat drew so much attention that Gu Haotian probably forgot about his own business today.

“Please allow me to introduce Ms……. Jiang Shining.” For a brief while, Vice President Wang’s voice seemed to fluctuate unnaturally before he continued, calmly and magnetically, “Ninglu Media’s real boss is her. This is her first public appearance since joining the company.”

The entire conference room exploded as this news was announced, the employees were talking, and Gu Haotian’s eyes were wide open.

There is also speculation that the president is a woman, but everyone coincidentally brainstormed a middle-aged lady of 40 or 50 years old, but the person in front of him, although wearing sunglasses, appears to be quite young ah!

Jiang Shining wore big sunglasses, yet the delicate arc from her small lips down to her chin looked exquisite, and the throng couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

Jiang Shining removed her sunglasses and placed them on the table only after the sound had disappeared.

Great, the female employees were starry-eyed when they first saw the vice president, and now it was the turn of the male employees to express their amazement – D*mn, their president is too beautiful! This charm, this elegance, and those somewhat peach flower eyes, they’re all lovely, ah!

Jiang Shining rushed across the room the next second, those lovely eyes stern but still possessing the magical power to silence everyone.

“My name is Jiang Shining, and I’d like to welcome you all.” She said something. “It’s for personal reasons…” She took a breath and opened her mouth. “Because of personal reasons, I have been neglecting the company for the past few years; it is Vice President Wang’s and everyone else’s efforts that have kept the company on track. I apologise, and I thank you all. I will not leave my position in the future. We must all work together to make Ninglu Media Company the No. 1 in the entertainment media industry! Let Tianxia Longteng know that not all water is suitable for that dragon to jump on without hesitation!”

The crowd chuckled, but Gu Haotian and his Tianxia Longteng agent became embarrassed. They consider themselves outsiders because they are here to deal with the contract, but the Jiang president immediately held a meeting?

“The company will make a significant change in direction in the future, and it is amazing that everyone here is sticking to their beliefs when Ninglu Media is on the decline. So, to be practical, starting this month, everyone’s wage will be increased. First, your present wage will be increased by half. Is that acceptable? “

Half of the salary increase? This time, the applause, cheers, and approval screams were considerably louder than before, and several individuals were slapping the table to demonstrate their excitement.

“President, I’d want to ask you a question! Are you going to increase our salaries as well?” A young trainee inquired.

Trainees at large companies typically earn two or three thousand yuan per month, which includes food and housing, but does not include training expenses. Their situation differs from that of regular employees.

Jiang Shining gave him a slight smile; her peach blossom eyes are already charming, and she’s been reunited with Jing Xuan, so she’s in a happy mood. Her smile made the trainee blush.

“You guys aren’t like regular employees. You’re more like students who receive subsidies in order to study hard.” Everything depends on your abilities. Later, I’ll launch some new programmes so that everyone of you can appear and prove yourself, which is far more practical than increasing your tiny pay. I don’t think you would have chosen to be artists if you genuinely intended to live off your salary.”

The young trainees were embarrassed to laugh, but they were already overjoyed when Jiang Shining announced a new programme that would provide an opportunity.

Jiang Shining stopped for a little period before recalling.

“Yes, I have a villa in a wealthy neighbourhood. I don’t want to live there in the future, but there are still plenty of rooms. Starting this month, the most exceptional trainees from each month’s assessment can stay there, with a separate car to transport them daily,” she stated.

Uncontrollable screams erupted from the trainees.

This isn’t a boss at all. It’s a fairy making her way down to Earth!

The author has something to say:

Ms. Jiang: Instead of talking to you emotionally, I’ll pay you well! Allow you to stay in the big house!

Wang, Vice President: Ms. Jiang is absolutely correct!

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