The First Kindergarten in the Universe – Chapter 24.1

On this planet, it should be summer, and the sky is still brilliant at roughly six o’clock in the evening.

Xu Qiu started making dinner at five o’clock a few working days ago, and everyone could finish it before six o’clock.

Today, even though it was already 6 p.m., she remained silent.

Some cubs have been playing for a day and are already hungry.

They occasionally cast a wistful glance at food when they see Xu Qiu enter the kindergarten through the gate.

Even though they were all watching with eager anticipation, Xu Qiu did not bring out the fresh and delicious meal as usual.

After around ten minutes, Xu Qiu entered the kitchen with a piece of paper.

“The principal is only entering the kitchen now.” Two small bats said as they stood on the parallel bars. “At the very least, we will have to wait a long time before she comes out.”

The older brother, Ding Ding asked: “Dong Dong, are you hungry? I want to eat.”

Dong Dong patted his deflated belly: “I’m hungry too.”

Yuan Jiu’s mouth bulged on the side, as if he was still chewing.

When the small bird saw the two brothers’ slightly envious looks, he joyfully raised his head and asked, “Do you want some of the seeds that I hid before?”

There are few smart cubs like him who are ready for a rainy day. Like other people, they will eat everything when they have something to eat.

Now, these days have changed for the better. When following Xu Qiu, he doesn’t have to worry about food or clothes, so Yuan Jiu is willing to sort out his food.

Even if he was killed, the former Yuan Jiu would not spit out the food in his mouth.

Of course, this is also because his two brothers, Ding Ding and Dong Dong, have wings similar to his and are small and unable to eat much.

Yuan Jiu would not provide a single seed if it were the fox, Lily, who could eat it completely in one bite.

“Forget it,” Ding Ding and Dong Dong said, shaking their heads. “You can save it for yourself.”

Meat, milk, and braised potatoes are still their favourites.

Yuan Jiu clicked his mouth and rolled his eyes with those round peas. Bats are bats. They do not know how to enjoy things.

As a result, as soon as the three cubs was finished, Xu Qiu walked out of the kindergarten with a smile on his face.

“Come here, Zhu Niang.”

“Bai Sa, Lily, everyone come here,” she said, ordering the names of several people.

Several pots were taken out by Xu Qiu.

Then she placed them in the hands of the cubs, one by one, as she called them out.

These cubs are a little bigger and can easily carry the pot.

There’s a wide variety of foods in the pot. Besides round tomatoes, she can make potatoes into various dishes, as well as things that cubs have never seen before.

Even if they haven’t seen it before, they can tell it’s food at a glance, and it may be quite tasty.

These foods, on the other hand, are raw. It’s not that they are unable to eat raw foods. It’s only that Xu Qiu’s craftsmanship has nourished everyone’s tongues in just a few days.

“The robot is inactive today, and we have a lot of work to do, so we need everyone’s help.”

Xu Qiu walked to the dormitory’s entrance. The robot crew could finally rebuild a knocked-out entrance on the courtyard wall that had been eliminated. It was a door made of precious metals that were removed from the robots that were eliminated.

A metal plate was carved with regular geometric figures in accordance with Xu Qiu’s request, which looked very mysterious and magnificent.

The cubs who had previously been in the yard blinked open their eyes. When did this site get an extra board?

Things that astonished them, on the other hand, were left behind. Xu Qiu pressed her palm against the doorknob, and the doos creaked open to the outside, displaying the panorama beyond.

The kindergarten’s large iron gate is hollow. While standing inside the large iron gate, they can also observe the scenery outside.

When going outside, there is nothing to look at but golden sand and stones.

The cover above the kindergarten is colourless and transparent, depending on the weather, and cubs can see the sky when they gaze up.

That is, if it does not rain for a few days, the cover may become sand stained and seem grey.

A pavilion stands outside the door that the cubs had never seen before.

In Xu Qiu’s instruction, a portion of the stone in the pavilion was taken from the damaged brick wall, and it was built into the antique building.

After the expansion, 008 gave this structure. Pavilions, ponds, rockeries, and other features were available through the system. She chose from a list of five possibilities before settling on a pavilion that could be explored.

In one squeeze, it can hold ten people.

Plants that were slender and long, straight and towering, were planted around the pavilion.

In Xu Qiu’s mind, the most harmonic combination is a pavilion and green bamboo.

The pavilion’s design template is based on a historic cultural blueprint. Although the robots lack artistic cells, they have a remarkable aptitude for replication.

“Give me the pot, please.”

Pipes were placed beneath the pavilion, and a robot turned on the power from inside the kindergarten.

They can do better than humans at this type of more technical work if she enters relevant data into the robot’s database. The important thing is that she isn’t at risk of electric shock.

On the stone platform above the table, Xu Qiu placed a huge pot in her palm.

It was done by robots, and there are drawings of the induction cooker to confirm it.

Her pot is simple, with few heating circuits, and resembles the heating rod of an electric kettle.

The electric heating rods’ materials are all taken from the bodies of the robots that were previously scrapped.

Not to mention the fact that they are all high-tech items. There are some materials on them that can be dismantled and sold for a lot of money if it was tossed on the star network.

It’s just that platform freight is extremely expensive, and the barren star’s transportation route is underdeveloped. Interstellar Logistics can’t transport it anywhere but to specific groups of people.

Some items taken down by Xu Qiu were moved to Donald and his car, where the money will be transferred to the kindergarten account after they take them out and sell them.

Xu Qiu was unsure whether You Yu’s hypnosis suggestion to the two men would be successful.

She wasn’t concerned if it didn’t work. Only a quarter of the rubbish was given away. She didn’t place all of her hopes in these two people, and she never put all of her eggs in one basket.

If the eggs in this basket have been crushed, there are still eggs in other baskets.

When the heating rod is turned on, it can generate heat immediately, and when the power is turned off, it will shut down. There is no timer, and the technological content is limited.

On it, a shelf was built, a pot was placed, and the design for the mandarin duck pot was created.

She had been craving hot pot for quite some time, and this pot had been prepared by the two coolies who had just departed.

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